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This powerful service makes your computer accessible anytime, anywhere by associating a...


Added Apr 4, 2001
Popularity: 12%

TZO uses Dynamic DNS technology for fixing a static name to a dynamic IP address, allowing...


Added Jun 1, 2000
Popularity: 31%

SQLBind8 is an SQL back-end to Bind 8 that allows for loading zones from a db server and...


Added Jul 8, 1999
Popularity: 38%

The new TZO DDNS Perl client has an included daemon that will automatically detect IP...


Added Aug 20, 2000
Popularity: 19%

Mkrdns is a small Perl script that reads your named.boot or named.conf file to find all...


Added May 1, 2001
Popularity: 81%

Mkrdns is a small Perl script that reads your named.boot or named.conf file to find all...


Added May 14, 2000
Popularity: 81%

Lookout is a set of scripts that works with OpenLDAP to create a directory based on your...


Added Jun 1, 1999
Popularity: 44%

GnuDIP is a service designed to allow a user to have a static host name, without having to...


Added Mar 14, 2004
Popularity: 88%

dnsjava is an implementation of the DNS protocol in Java.


Added Nov 28, 2000
Popularity: 50%

Dents is a name server that is designed to be easy-to-use and to conform to all normal...


Added Nov 9, 1999
Popularity: 69%

This program includes the named name server, which is used to define hostname to IP...


Added Oct 15, 2001
Popularity: 100%

FDNS is a tool for getting rid of delays experienced when you can't reach your DNS server.


Added Mar 26, 2000
Popularity: 25%

The dnsutil package is a collection of tools designed to make administering DNS easier.


Added Dec 18, 2000
Popularity: 94%

dnswalk is a DNS debugger. It performs zone transfers of specified domains and checks the...


Added Aug 3, 1997
Popularity: 56%

This program analyzes any DNS zone that you specify and reports any problems it finds by...


Added Nov 19, 2000
Popularity: 62%

dennis is a first stab at automating and streamlining DNS.


Added Sep 6, 1998
Popularity: 75%

Have your own fixed hostname registered on the Internet, although your IP might be...

Added Sep 21, 2005
Popularity: 6%
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