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wpCache decreases dramatically the page and the data base load time of any dynamic (php)...

Added Jul 21, 2017
Popularity: 100%

Manage servers with Cube Panel. The program features several administration levels,...

Console / X11
Added Jan 23, 2008
Popularity: 98%

The Apache JServ is a Java servlet engine, an external process written in Java that runs...


Added Jun 17, 2000
Popularity: 97%

This is a Web-based calendar application server. It lets you create, manage and share any...


Added Jan 12, 2005
Popularity: 95%

This program allows any UNIX or Linux user to have their own Web server even if they do...


Added Jul 31, 2002
Popularity: 93%

This is a simple Web server for Linux that is intended for personal use.


Added Dec 13, 1998
Popularity: 91%

Edcom is a multi-user, fully customizable story management system.


Added Feb 12, 2000
Popularity: 90%

Eddie is an effort aimed at delivering a commercial-grade-quality-of-service-driven Web...


Added Dec 17, 2000
Popularity: 88%

Edna is a small Python script that acts as an HTTP server.


Added Feb 21, 2001
Popularity: 86%

Hawkeye is a complete Internet and intranet server suite containing TCP/IP services like...

See Home Page

Added Mar 1, 2001
Popularity: 84%

HTML PLAIN stands for HTML Precompiler Lacking An Interesting Name.


Added Mar 30, 2000
Popularity: 83%

The IceDJ Suite is a set of scripts for running an Icecast radio station with tight...


Added Jun 8, 1999
Popularity: 81%

jpub is more than just a Web server for Linux. It is a complete Java-driven framework for...


Added May 12, 1999
Popularity: 79%

Mod_Dtcl is a free, open source implementation of server-parsed Tcl, under Apache.


Added Feb 1, 2000
Popularity: 78%

Mod_Perl is a powerful Apache module that enables the use of the PERL language within HTML...


Added Dec 14, 2000
Popularity: 76%

Sometimes popular Web sites on your servers just suck up your bandwidth, slowing down your...


Added Nov 28, 2000
Popularity: 74%

OWSKiller is a free replacement for the Oracle Web Server using Java Servlet technology.


Added Mar 14, 2000
Popularity: 72%

Simple Web Indexing System for Humans is a utility that allows you to create searchable...


Added May 23, 2000
Popularity: 71%

thttpd is a portable, fast and secure HTTP server. It has a very small runtime size, and...


Added Mar 8, 2001
Popularity: 69%

Velocigen for Perl is a high-performance Web application server using Perl as its...


Added Feb 15, 1999
Popularity: 67%
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