Stacy's Mashup: ePassportPhoto, Playoo, web2py,Sixteen Colors, Everybody Panic
Are you a Net Geek? Are you looking for interesting sites, helpful tools, and hip media? Welcome to this week's mashup, where Stacy has hand-picked dozens of links for your zen-surfing pleasure.
Added 2008-02-01
How To Listen To Great Free Music Online
When I get sick of my own music collection I don't turn on the radio or buy some new tunes, I drop by one of my favorite web sites and enjoy free, legal songs online all day.
Added 2008-01-11
Stacy's Weekly Mashup: The OLPC Wiki, Liveplasma, ShrimkMyTunes, Sclipo, and Doc 2PDF Online...
Find out what's hot this week in Web 2.0 sites and services, blogs, video, wallpaper, geek news and more! Highlights in this week's mashup of links include The OLPC Wiki, Liveplasma, ShrimkMyTunes, Sclipo, and Doc 2PDF Online. Got your clicking finger ready?
Added 2007-11-15
Stacy's Weekly Mashup: Free Music Zilla, JAlbum, Infoplease, 12Ghosts Pop-Up Killer...
Welcome to the Weekly Mashup, where you can find links to the coolest sites and resources on the internet. Find out what's hip this week in Web 2.0, blogs, news, media and more!
Added 2007-11-09
Stacy's Weekly Mashup: Anywhere.FM, Ethical Junction, HotShare, Media Convert, deputydog...
Welcome to the Weekly Mashup, where Stacy shares links to her favorite Web services, blogs, freeware, and multimedia!
Added 2007-10-05
Smartphone Software - Resco Radio
If you'd like to have radio on your smartphone, Resco Radio is the perfect solution.
Added 2007-08-07
Picks: Reviews of Save Flash, Recomposit, Live TV,and more.
Reviews of software that can help you to save Flash animations, alter photos, get live TV and radio on the Internet, put your Powerpoint presentation on DVD, and more!
Added 2007-07-10
Stacy's Weekly Mashup: JamBase, RadioTime, Web Jay, Mecora, Jamendo
This is a list of Stacy's favorite Web 2.0 sites that were created with the music-lover in mind.
Added 2007-07-13