How To Speed Up Computer Efficiency - Part 1 of 2
Read part one of this two-part article on how you can make your computer more efficient.
Added 2008-07-11
Stacy's Weekly Mashup: Jaman, YouTomb, GetRight,, Amie St...
This week in geek, Lieberman seeks to silence YouTube terrorists, Google questioned over privacy practices, and Microsoft wants to pay you to use their search engine. Get linked to blogs, services, freeware, games, video and multimedia in this week's mashup!
Added 2008-05-23
How to add quick access to your favorite folders in the Save/Open window
Commonly-used folders are just a click away on the Places Bar in Windows XP and Favorite Links in Vista, but they might not be the folders you use most often. This article will teach you how to customize which folders Windows gives you quick access to.
Added 2007-10-05
How do I tweak hidden settings in Windows Vista?
Power users are endlessly hunting for hidden and hard-to-find settings to get the most out of their computer. Four utilities for Windows Vista make it easier.
Added 2007-09-07