Picks: Reviews of Find Desktop Standard, Copernic Desktop Search, Google Desktop Search, and more.
Picks: A roundup of software you can use to find things on your computer.
Added 2008-04-10
Tucows Editorial - Five Cool Tools for Free!
Here are five tools that are absolutely free and they make you more secure and more aware of things.
Added 2008-01-15
Dialogues by Doc - Rules for Happier Computing #2
This week I continue my series on the rules for happier computing with Rule #2 - When in doubt, DON'T. Listen in.
Added 2007-08-03
Picks: Reviews of Google Desktop, Color Pilot, SurfSaver, and more.
Google Desktop, Color Pilot, SurfSaver Pro and HotBot Desktop Toolbar get the Doc's thorough inspection. Find out what he thinks about these programs and see whats coming up in future Picks.
Added 2007-10-05