Picks: 2008 People's Choice Awards
Once again this year the People's Choice Awards voting was a huge success. Here are just some of the winners. Check it out.
Added 2008-08-01
How To Recover Your PC Using The Linux Rescue CD - Part 2 of 2
Part two of this two-part series on recovering your PC with a Linux Rescue CD and using Macrium Reflect.
Added 2008-07-30
How To Recover Your PC Using The Linux Rescue CD - Part 1 of 2
In this two part tutorial I'll show you how to create a Rescue CD and we'll follow all the steps required to put your PC back to the exact state it was at the time of your image.
Added 2008-07-30
Shareware Spotlight Featuring ClubBackup
For a powerful backup solution take a look at ClubBackup and save all your data to a secure location.
Added 2008-04-10
Picks: A roundup of backup solutions!
You asked for reviews of backup solutions and here they are, just for you.
Added 2008-06-11
How To Schedule Full and Incremental Images with Macrium Reflect
This next installment in our series on Macrium Reflect shows you exactly how to schedule full and incremental backups. A must read.
Added 2008-04-14
How To Create Incremental Images with Macrium Reflect
In part two of our series on working with Macrium Reflect, we look at creating incremental images. Check it out.
Added 2008-04-04
How To Create a Disk Image with Macrium Reflect
Macrium Reflect is an award winning backup solution for Windows XP and Vista. Reflect has some innovative features designed to make the chore of protecting your PC a little easier.
Added 2008-04-06
Picks: Best of 2007 Part 3 of 3
This week I wrap of part 3 of this 3-part series on my "Best of 2007". Out of over 10,000 programs I evaluated, these are the ones that stand out. Reviews of PicaJet Photo Organizer, RecordForAll, SpeedUpMyPC, SwordSearcher Bible Software, Macrium Reflect, and Opera.
Added 2007-12-20
Dialogues by Doc - Club Backup
Club Backup is a new solution for keeping your data safe and secure by storing it online. You get 1 gigabyte of storage FREE. Backup, sync, and access your files online. Listen in.
Added 2007-12-19
Favorite - Macrium Reflect
Need a program to back up your computer? Want something that can create an image of a hard drive? Would you like a program that can make you a rescue CD to boot? Then Macrium Reflect is your solution. Check it out.
Added 2007-09-15
Picks: Best of 2007 Part 1 of 3
Best of 2007 - Part 1 of 3 - Over the next 3 weeks I'll revisit those programs I enjoyed reviewing the most in 2007. This week reviews of Genius Family Tree, AVS Audio Tools, Big Oven Recipe Software, Debt Analyzer, SyncBack, and NovaPDF Lite.
Added 2007-12-13
Picks: A roundup of powerful backup software
Reviews of Handy Backup, WinBackup Standard, NovaBACKUP, SyncBack, and Macrium Reflect
Added 2007-10-31
Picks: Reviews of programs that backup your computer, track files, and more
Picks: Reviews of programs that backup your computer, track file changes, and lots more.
Added 2007-09-20
Dialogues by Doc - Rules for Happier Computing #2
This week I continue my series on the rules for happier computing with Rule #2 - When in doubt, DON'T. Listen in.
Added 2007-08-03
Backup Basics
Our computers hold progressively more and more important information. Pictures, documents, memories, and more Here's a look at backup basics that kicks off five weeks of backup software reviews. Check it out.
Added 2007-07-10
Spotlight on Acronis True Image
Acronis True Image Workstation is one of our "Must Have Applications" and now it's also featured in the Spotlight. Check it out.
Added 2007-07-10
Must Have Application - Acronis True Image
Acronis True Image is a powerful hard disk backup tool. Come find out why Doc says this is a must have application!
Added 2007-07-14
WinBackup Pro
As a small or medium sized business, you may probably find selecting an adequate data protection solution a challenging if not daunting task. WinBackup 2.0 allows users to run backup and restore functions at the click of a button.
Added 2007-07-10
Picks: Reviews of 4DiskClean Gold, Driver Genius, Auto Backup, and more.
Join Doc as he looks at 4Diskclean Gold, Driver Genius Professional Edition, Auto Backup, CaptureWizPro Screen Capture and more in his Picks for this week.
Added 2007-10-05