Understanding Basic Internet Jargon
If you thought there was a lot of Windows jargon to be learned, just step onto the internet, where new technical terms are born every minute, or so it seems. This glossary will help you learn the most common terms and get you started on the road to internet vocabulary mastery.
Added 2007-11-16
Understanding basic Windows jargon
One inescapable fact of computers is the jargon. Tens of thousands of technical terms have been invented just in the last decade, and new ones being invented every day: software terms, internet terms, gadget terms, multimedia terms... with no end in sight. You could spend a whole lifetime learning them all, but in day-to-day computer use you really only need to know the basic ones. To get you started, here's a list of common terms you're likely to run into while using Windows. You probably already know many of them, but keep this page bookmarked for when you encounter the unfamiliar ones.
Added 2007-10-23
Optimizing your computer's power usage
Not so long ago our computers were either "On" or "Off." These days Windows gives us a huge number of potentially confusing power options, from "Stand By" to "Hibernate." This article will help you understand the jargon and configure your PC's power management, which could help you save a few bucks on your electric bill.
Added 2007-08-17
Understanding Common Computer Terms
With so many people being new to computers it isn't any wonder that there is confusion about what certain common terms mean. I've grown up with the personal computer so I learned all these terms over time. But, if you only recently got into computers, it can be more than a bit overwhelming. Terms like POP, FTP, HTML, SMTP, URL, DNS, CD-R, download, upload, SSL, and many, many more.
Added 2007-07-12