Picks: Programs I Use On My Computers
Over the year I've had lots of emails asking me what programs I use on my computers. So, for all of you who asked here they are. Enjoy and Happy New Year.
Added 2007-12-20
Dialogues by Doc - Virtualization Choices
This week I respond to your emails about the choices available in virtualization software. Listen in.
Added 2007-11-08
How To Use Parallels Workstation to Work Smarter
When it comes to virtualization you have a number of choices. Among these are Parallels Workstation. This is a powerful tool for creating and working with virtual machines. Read all about it.
Added 2007-11-06
How To Utilize VMware Workstation to Work Smarter
Part 2 in our series of articles on virtualization takes a look at VMware Workstation. Learn to work smarter.
Added 2007-10-31
How To Work Smarter Using Virtualization
Part one of a series of articles on how virtualization can provide solutions to everyday problems for homes and small businesses.
Added 2007-10-24
How To Work Smarter with SystemAI
Many of you may not want to get as involved with virtualization as I am, but there are alternatives. SystemAI, by Celceo, provides an intriguing solution to your computer issues. You can work smarter and here's how.
Added 2007-09-11
Must Have Application - Parallels Compressor Workstation
Parallels Compressor Workstation is a powerful program that compresses virtual machines created by software from Parallels, Microsoft, and VMware. Find out why it's a Must Have Application.
Added 2007-07-14
Must Have Application - VMware Workstation
VMware Workstation is a Must Have Application that is part of our series on virtualization. Find out why this program is an excellent solution for working with virtual machines.
Added 2007-07-14
Tell Me About... Working With Virtual Machines
Personal experience working with virtual machines both part-time and full time. Part of the editorial series on virtualization.
Added 2007-07-10
Must Have Application - Parallels Workstation for Windows and Linux
Parallels Workstation for Windows and Linux is a powerful and cost-effective application for anyone interested in working with virtual machines. Read all about it.
Added 2007-07-14
What Is Virtualization? - Part 2
Part 2 of this two-part series on "virtualization". Find out more about virtual machines, virtual infrastructure, and more.
Added 2007-07-13
What Is Virtualization? - Part 1
Tucows Editorial Feature on "What Is Virtualization? - Part 1 of 2. Find out how you can use "virtual machines" to make your life easier.
Added 2007-07-13
Must Have Application - VMware Workstation
VMware Workstation is a powerful tool that let you work within virtual machine sessions. It's so good it's been selected as a Must Have Application. Read all about it.
Added 2007-07-14