Dialogues by Doc - VMware Fusion
This week I talk about my MacBook Pro and in particular, VMware Fusion. This allows me to have a virtual PC right on my Mac. Listen in
Added 2008-07-09
How To Go Portable - Part 2 of 3
Part two of our three-part editorial series on going portable. Learn about U3 Smart Technology, portable virtual machines, and more.
Added 2008-02-28
Picks: Programs I Use On My Computers
Over the year I've had lots of emails asking me what programs I use on my computers. So, for all of you who asked here they are. Enjoy and Happy New Year.
Added 2007-12-20
Dialogues by Doc - Virtualization Choices
This week I respond to your emails about the choices available in virtualization software. Listen in.
Added 2007-11-08
How To Use Parallels Workstation to Work Smarter
When it comes to virtualization you have a number of choices. Among these are Parallels Workstation. This is a powerful tool for creating and working with virtual machines. Read all about it.
Added 2007-11-06
How To Utilize VMware Workstation to Work Smarter
Part 2 in our series of articles on virtualization takes a look at VMware Workstation. Learn to work smarter.
Added 2007-10-31
How To Work Smarter with SystemAI
Many of you may not want to get as involved with virtualization as I am, but there are alternatives. SystemAI, by Celceo, provides an intriguing solution to your computer issues. You can work smarter and here's how.
Added 2007-09-11
Picks: Shareware Industry Awards Winners - Part 1
The Shareware Industry Awards are voted on by software authors and others in the computer industry. Over the next few weeks we'll look at just some of the winners. This week Microangelo, RecordForAll, TuneUp Utilities 2007, VMware Workstation, and Spb Mobile Shell.
Added 2007-08-01
What Is Virtualization? - Part 2
Part 2 of this two-part series on "virtualization". Find out more about virtual machines, virtual infrastructure, and more.
Added 2007-07-13
What Is Virtualization? - Part 1
Tucows Editorial Feature on "What Is Virtualization? - Part 1 of 2. Find out how you can use "virtual machines" to make your life easier.
Added 2007-07-13