Stacy's Weekly Mashup: Book Lamp, Viewpoints, MemoriesOnWeb, Exploratorium...
Stacy provides links to the hippest links and popular warez! Come find out what's hot this week in Web services, freeware, news, blogs, tips and multimedia!
Added 2008-07-10
Stacy's Weekly Mashup: Foxmarks, Uptogo, Spore, Freeware PDF Unlocker...
It's another exciting week for the geeks! Mozilla launches Firefox 3.0, Sweden adopts a law that allows government to eavesdrop on it's citizens, AP versus bloggers and we get Twitter signals from Mars... Come find out what else is hot this week in sites and services, freeware and shareware, media, the blogosphere and more!
Added 2008-06-20
Stacy's Weekly Mashup: Gigablast, Open Site, Orgoo, UltraFractal, Wizlite...
This week in Geek, Jack Thompson walks out on hearing after filing a 14-page objection letter, Microsoft has a branding problem and Firefox 3.0 is declared bug-free! Come check out the great mashup of links Stacy's put together this week, from sites and services, freeware and games, even wallpaper and video!
Added 2008-06-06
Stacy's Weekly Mashup: Sprout, 1AVCenter, Addictomatic, Konnects, Mixwit...
Treat your inner-geek to a handpicked list of the Web's hottest sites, from news and articles to blogs, freeware, and media like video, photos and games!
Added 2008-05-15
Stacy's Weekly Mashup: Daft Doggy, Pixsys, Ziggy TV, Footnote, Poom!
It's been another fun week for the geeks! Come find out what's hot this week in games, freeware, shareware, news and media!
Added 2008-05-02
Stacy's Weekly Mashup: VistaPrint, The Filter, Fring, NetGong, deviantArt...
This week in geek, Peter Gabriel gives us The Filter, but not quite yet, TicketMaster gets called out on creating fake Facebook fans, and Pirate Bay launches an uncensored blogging system. Freebies, blogs, video and links to the hippest sites on the Web - It's the Week in Geek with Stacy Reed!
Added 2008-04-18
Stacy's Weekly Mashup: TrueCrypt, Buzzword, Bluestring, Mozilla Labs, ChatStat...
Links upon links to the hottest sites, blogs, software, freebies, news and much more!
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Stacy's Weekly Mashup: Riffs, AdGridwork, ClamWin, BrainPOP, STARTDL...
Links on top of links to the Internet's hippest blogs and Web 2.0 sites, buzz-worthy news, free software and games, geek tips, and more!
Added 2008-03-14
Stacy's Weekly Mashup: Revision3, mShopper, Phun, The Futon Critic, Fotogenika
Get linked to what's hip! Find out about free software and games, geek news, blogs, video, computer tips and Web 2.0! This week's highlights include Revision3, mShopper, Phun, The Futon Critic and Fotogenika.
Added 2008-03-10
Stacy's Weekly Mashup: SonicBids, PartnerUp, Jango, One Look Dictionary, Stylish
In this week's mashup, you'll find links to fresh, hip and happenin' sites like blogs, online services and news, multimedia and freeware!
Added 2007-11-30
Stacy's Weekly Mashup: The OLPC Wiki, Liveplasma, ShrimkMyTunes, Sclipo, and Doc 2PDF Online...
Find out what's hot this week in Web 2.0 sites and services, blogs, video, wallpaper, geek news and more! Highlights in this week's mashup of links include The OLPC Wiki, Liveplasma, ShrimkMyTunes, Sclipo, and Doc 2PDF Online. Got your clicking finger ready?
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Stacy's Weekly Mashup: Free Music Zilla, JAlbum, Infoplease, 12Ghosts Pop-Up Killer...
Welcome to the Weekly Mashup, where you can find links to the coolest sites and resources on the internet. Find out what's hip this week in Web 2.0, blogs, news, media and more!
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Stacy's Weekly Mashup: Imgv, Kaltura, docstoc, RetailMeNot, Rate My Drawings...
Stacy shares links to her favorite websites, from Internet services, freeware and blogs to news and multimedia! This week features are Imgv, Kaltura, docstoc, RetailMeNot and Rate My Drawings!
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Stacy's Weekly Mashup: Anywhere.FM, Ethical Junction, HotShare, Media Convert, deputydog...
Welcome to the Weekly Mashup, where Stacy shares links to her favorite Web services, blogs, freeware, and multimedia!
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Stacy's Weekly Mashup: Viadeo, FileExtensions, MediaMaster, Saffe, NetCalls4Less...
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Stacy's Weekly Mashup: PDFescape, Tractis, Picaboo, Me.dium, Spigit
Come find out what's hip this week as Stacy shares links to her favorite Web 2.0 sites and services, blogs, freeware, geek news and multimedia.
Added 2007-08-09
Stacy's Weekly Mashup: TracBac, FeedDigest, SideStep, Blogoggle, Swiki
Stacy offers links to great Web 2.0 sites and services, freeware, geek news, cool blogs, videos, tips and more!
Added 2007-07-13
How to Make an RSS Feed
Everyday more and more Web sites, news services and blogs are adding RSS content. RSS is a method of syndicating content. The concept of aggregating content in one central location or repository is very appealing. Consumers have become tired of push technology, and RSS allows users the flexibility to regain control of their content.
Added 2007-07-13