How To Create PDF FIles Online
For more than 15 years, Portable Document Format (PDF) files have been the computer industry's standard format for creating and viewing information on all platforms, including PCs, Macs, and UNIX/Linux machines. For years, Adobe has offered a free program that lets you read PDF files. Now there's a web site that lets you turn your text, image, and Office files into PDF files, free. Check it out.
Added 2008-11-20
How To Use Automation Anywhere's GUI Automation Capability
Automation Anywhere provides easy-to-use solution with its powerful GUI automation capability. Using Automation Anywhere, you can schedule testing tasks to repeat and perform the process without human intervention. By using Automation Anywhere's GUI automation, you greatly improve testing coverage and yet save valuable time.
Added 2008-10-21
How To Reduce Repetitive Typing Each Day
If you want to reduce all of the repetitive typing you do each day the answer is ShortKeys, from Insight Software Solutions. Read all about it.
Added 2008-10-20
How To Use Automation Anywhere's Excel Automation Capability
Automation Anywhere makes it tremendously easy to work with simple and complex data in Excel. With Automation Anywhere you can use Excel’s features to an optimum so that reliable and error-free data is available for analysis in real time.
Added 2008-09-18
How To Translate Your Web Site
In today's global economy, you need to have versions of your web site in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, and many other important languages. If you're looking for an affordable, high-quality way to localize your web site - and other documents - into new languages, then you'll want to read this article on using to produce professional translations.
Added 2008-09-10
How To Keep Your Website Error Free with DeepTrawl
In the course of creating, updating, and maintaining a Web site, you can accidentally create errors. If you want a fast and easy way to keep your site error-free you'll want to read this article on DeepTrawl.
Added 2008-09-02
How To Lock Your PC With Rohos Logon Key
In many home and business environments you may need to make sure your PC is secure when you leave it. Of course, that means putting in a secure password every, single, time. Or does it? Well, not if you start using Rohos Logon Key a cool product for both Windows and Mac.
Added 2008-08-22
How To Use Automation Anywhere's Web Data Extraction Capability
Learn how to use Automation Anywhere to automate data extraction from the Web.
Added 2008-08-07
How To Recover Your PC Using The Linux Rescue CD - Part 2 of 2
Part two of this two-part series on recovering your PC with a Linux Rescue CD and using Macrium Reflect.
Added 2008-07-30
How To Recover Your PC Using The Linux Rescue CD - Part 1 of 2
In this two part tutorial I'll show you how to create a Rescue CD and we'll follow all the steps required to put your PC back to the exact state it was at the time of your image.
Added 2008-07-30
How To Speed Up Computer Efficiency - Part 2 of 2
Read part two of this two-part series on getting maximum efficiency out of your PC!
Added 2008-07-11
Unique Tools For Computer Security and Theft Prevention
An unattended computer just begs to be stolen or tampered with. A few free and cheap tools can ease your mind and provide a supply a bit of security if you absolutely have to step away from your PC.
Added 2008-07-16
How To Speed Up Computer Efficiency - Part 1 of 2
Read part one of this two-part article on how you can make your computer more efficient.
Added 2008-07-11
Free Bootable Tools For PC Rescue and Reinstall
Sometimes your computer just won't boot. While novice users are better off taking their troubles to an experienced friend or quality technician, more experienced users may wish to take matters into their own hands with these free tools.
Added 2008-07-10
Make Any Folder a Quick-Access Virtual Drive With Visual Subst
Your computer only uses a few of the alphabet's 26 letters to name its drives. A free utility lets you assign the rest of them to folders on your hard drive for instant access.
Added 2008-07-03
How To Position Your Computer
Many of you have written me asking how you should position your keyboard, your monitor, and your chair. Here is a brief tutorial on how to position your work space.
Added 2008-06-17
How to Clear Private Data From Your Web Browser
No matter what web browser you use, a lot of information is stored during and between your sessions. If you'd prefer to see that data removed instead of kept, here's how to do it in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
Added 2008-06-16
How To Edit Windows Sounds
If you're getting tired of the sounds that come with Windows, don't despair. You can record and/or edit them easily.
Added 2008-06-02
How To Create and Share Photo Panoramas
Panoramic photos aren't nearly as difficult to create as you might guess. To get started all you need is a digital camera and some free software.
Added 2008-06-02
How To Use Evernote to Remember Everything - Part 2 of 2
Here's part 2 of our two-part series on Evernote 3 beta. Check it out.
Added 2008-05-28
Five Google Tricks For Answering Those Little Questions
It's no secret that, as computer programs go, Google is pretty smart. But it's also pretty clever. Here are five tips for getting answers out of Google that you might not expect.
Added 2008-05-22
Guidelines for Creating Secure Passwords
If you do not have a secure password managing software these simple rules can help you protect yourself against identity theft:
Added 2008-05-21
How To Use Evernote to Remember Everything - Part 1 of 2
Evernote 3 beta is a powerful tool that helps you keep track of, remember, and find virtually everything. Read part one of this two-part series.
Added 2008-05-20
Three Finger-Friendly Apps For Windows Mobile
With the iPhone setting the bar and Windows Mobile developers following suit, the stylus may soon be a thing of the past. Here are three great, inexpensive programs to make your fingers more efficient.
Added 2008-05-14
How To See a Summary of Going Portable Articles
Around the holidays I started on a quest to do things better, to look into "going portable", and finding ways to be more efficient. Now, many of you have asked if I'd put up a summary of all those articles, so here it is.
Added 2008-05-07
How To Keep Tabs On Your Servers
Simple Server Monitor is a cool program for keeping tabs on servers whether you have one or ten. Read all about it!
Added 2008-05-01
How To Merge, Split, and Manipulate PDF Files With PDFill PDF Tools
PDF files are great for sharing and printing documents, but they're not as easy to manipulate as, say, plain old Microsoft Word files. With the help of some free software, though, there's a lot more you can do with them.
Added 2008-05-02
How to Backup and Rip/Convert DVD Movie to Your Creative
Xilisoft provides one of the best solution to rip DVD movies, back up DVD discs and make your creative videos if you want to convert your home DVD movie and play it on your iPod, iPhone, PSP, PMP or a mobile phone.
Added 2008-04-25
How To Correctly Resize and Crop Photos
If I had a dime for every photo I've seen online that's "squished" or pixelated due to a poor job of resizing, I'd be retired. Here's how to avoid some common photo-editing mistakes.
Added 2008-04-25
How To Use Yahoo! oneSearch Voice
Moving on with my continuing series on "going portable" this week we look at Yahoo! oneSearch Voice. An amazing product - read all about it.
Added 2008-04-23
Send Photos Directly From Picasa To Flickr, Facebook, and Photoshop
Picasa, the excellent, free photo-management tool from Google, recently added support for add-ons that allow programmers to connect Picasa to third-party programs and services like Flickr, Facebook, and Photoshop. Here's how to get started.
Added 2008-04-21
How To Help Fight Global Warming
Global warming is something we all need to do something about. Install LocalCooling and do your part to cut down on greenhouse gases.
Added 2008-04-18
Quick and painless wi-fi connections with The Go Button
Sometimes you stumble across a tool that solves a problem you didn't even realize you had. That was my recent experience with The Go Button, which saves you the hassle of choosing and connecting to a wi-fi connection when you're on the go.
Added 2008-04-18
How To Use Yahoo! Go - Part 3 of 3
Part 3 in our three-part editorial series on Yahoo Go! Don't miss it.
Added 2008-04-14
How To Schedule Full and Incremental Images with Macrium Reflect
This next installment in our series on Macrium Reflect shows you exactly how to schedule full and incremental backups. A must read.
Added 2008-04-14
How to stop programs from starting automatically
Many programs assume that you want them to be running all the time, and as soon as you start the computer. Many of them are wrong. Here's how to keep those presumptuous programs from slowing down your boot and wasting your time and system resources.
Added 2008-04-11
How To Delete Those Pesky "Undeletable" Files
"Access is denied." "Sharing violation." "This file is being used by another person or program." These cryptic messages that appear when you're trying to delete or move a file, but mysteriously can't, can be vanquished with a simple free tool.
Added 2008-04-09
How To Use Yahoo! Go - Part 2 of 3
In part two of this three-part series on Yahoo! Go, I look at some of the other information modules that come standard.
Added 2008-04-08
How To Create Incremental Images with Macrium Reflect
In part two of our series on working with Macrium Reflect, we look at creating incremental images. Check it out.
Added 2008-04-04
How to add comments on wepages with iComment
The iComment button for Internet Explorer and Firefox allows you to post your comments, experiences, viewpoints, and opinions anywhere on the Internet.
Added 2008-04-02
How to figure out where your hard drive space went with WinDirStat
Hard drive prices keep dropping and capacities keep ballooning--but brand new huge hard drives somehow fill up just as fast as their cramped ancestors. Use free tool WinDirStat to figure out where all that space went.
Added 2008-04-02
How To Use Yahoo! Go - Part 1 of 3
Yahoo! Go is a full-featured application for your mobile device that let's you access your information your way. Read part one of this three-part editorial series.
Added 2008-04-01
25 Useful Firefox Smart Keywords
Recently I told you how to streamline your Firefox experience with its Smart Keywords feature. In this article I'll share with you 25 of my favorite and most useful Smart Keywords.
Added 2008-03-27
How To Create a Disk Image with Macrium Reflect
Macrium Reflect is an award winning backup solution for Windows XP and Vista. Reflect has some innovative features designed to make the chore of protecting your PC a little easier.
Added 2008-04-06
How To Switch To Yahoo! Small Business Email - Part 2 of 2
In part 2 of our two-part series on Yahoo! Small Business Email you learn about more of the features that make this a real solution.
Added 2008-03-19
Tools For Monitoring Your Web Site's Traffic
When I first got online a little more than a decade ago, it didn't take much time for me to decide that I wanted--no, needed--a web site. And once I had one, meek though it was, I just had to know how many people were visiting my little corner of the web. Curiosity about who's checking out your hard work is only natural, but these days the options for quantifying web site's visitors are much more plentiful and sophisticated.
Added 2008-03-19
How To Switch To Yahoo Small Business Email - Part 1 of 2
As part of my efforts to make you aware of ways to do things better, I'm bringing you a two-part series on Yahoo! Small Business Email. Check it out.
Added 2008-03-19
Capturing Screen Text With Macro Scheduler
Macro Scheduler 10 introduces some powerful new commands for capturing screen text.
Added 2008-03-18
How To Go Portable - Part 3 of 3
Part three of our 3-part series on going portable. This last segment talks about USB drives.
Added 2008-03-17
Streamline searching and browsing with Firefox Smart Keywords
Smart Keywords in Firefox are a feature that can save you a lot of time and clicks performing searches and queries on your favorite sites. They're easy to use, too--here's how.
Added 2008-03-12
How To Go Portable - Part 2 of 3
Part two of our three-part editorial series on going portable. Learn about U3 Smart Technology, portable virtual machines, and more.
Added 2008-02-28
Keyboard Shortcuts 101: Ctrl, Shift, and Faster File Management
Keyboard shortcuts can be intimidating to novice users, but learning just a few can speed up the way you use Windows. This article I'll teach you a couple super-easy tips for managing your files using keyboard shortcuts.
Added 2008-02-29
Understanding Computer Monitors: Resolution, Color Depth, and More
You may not think about your computer's screen, or monitor, very often, but there's a lot to know. This article will fill you in on the basics.
Added 2008-02-27
How To Go Portable - Part 1 of 3
Today's technology gives all of us the power to go portable with our applications, pictures, documents, and more. Read part one of this three-part series on going mobile.
Added 2008-02-28
How To Make A Time-Lapse Video
You don't need a video camera to make videos. With any digital still camera and some free software you can make a time-lapse movie that transforms a slow scene or long event into a fun fast-forward experience.
Added 2008-02-23
How To Switch To Tucows Webmail - Part 2 of 2
Part two of this series on Tucows Webmail tells you about some of the powerful features including filters, anti-spam, multimedia attachments, and more.
Added 2008-02-18
Understanding Memory (RAM), Hard Drives, and the Difference Between Them
One of the greatest sources of confusion for computer users is the difference between memory and storage, due to a lot of overlapping terminology. This article will help you sort out your RAM and your hard drive and your bits and your bytes.
Added 2008-03-17
How To Switch To Tucows Webmail - Part 1 of 2
Join me for part one of a two-part series on the benefits of using Tucows Webmail. It's clean, it's efficient, and it offers some great features.
Added 2008-02-12
How To Create a Guest Profile In Firefox (And Why You Should)
If you have an internet connection at home, you've probably had a guest ask if they could borrow it to log onto a site or two to check their email or look something up. Setting up a guest profile in Firefox is a good way to let them do it without exposing them to your browsing history or being logged out of sites you both use. Here's how to do it.
Added 2008-02-12
How To Switch To Gmail - Part 2 of 2
Part two of my two-part series on switching all my email to go through Gmail.
Added 2008-01-26
How To Start And Maintain Your Digital To-Do List
A well-maintained to-do list is the cornerstone of most productivity schemes, including the ultra-popular Getting Things Done system. You can keep your to-do list on a whiteboard or sticky notes, but that's probably not the sort of solution you're looking for here at Tucows. Below I'll describe a number of options for keeping your to-do list handy and up-to-date.
Added 2008-02-04
Three Free Tools To Increase Your Google Docs Productivity
Google Docs & Spreadsheets is a stellar web-based office suite, and you can't beat the price. Here are three tools for you, the Google Docs power user, that will boost your productivity and keep your on- and offline work synced up--for free.
Added 2008-02-01
Open-Source Your Internet Life
If commercial and proprietary internet software makes you nervous or just taxes your wallet, there are lots of open source options. This article details some of the best free software for getting things done online.
Added 2008-01-30
How To Switch to Gmail - Part 1 of 2
During my two weeks working with just Web-based applications, I made the switch to using Gmail for all my email. This is part 1 of a 2 part series on why I picked Gmail and how I've made it work.
Added 2008-01-25
How To Unclutter and Tweak Your Taskbar
As the only part of Windows that's visible onscreen all the time, the taskbar is a very important and useful component. The trouble is, it can get cluttered pretty quickly. Follow this guide to ditch the clutter and tweak the Taskbar to meet your needs.
Added 2008-01-18
How To Listen To Great Free Music Online
When I get sick of my own music collection I don't turn on the radio or buy some new tunes, I drop by one of my favorite web sites and enjoy free, legal songs online all day.
Added 2008-01-11
How To Make Your PC Internet Secure
When you venture out onto the Internet there are a range of threats that you need to be aware of. By taking some extra precautions it is possible to be safe. The folks from Uniblue Systems provide a range of products to help keep you secure. Read all about it.
Added 2008-01-08
How To Use Your Camera Phone To Scan and Fax Documents
Have you ever needed to send a document to a colleague but only had a paper copy and no scanner or fax machine? A new breed of programs and services aim to turn your digital camera or camera-equipped cell phone into a mobile document-sending workhorse.
Added 2008-01-07
Instantly Polish Your Photos With
I'm a big fan of services that do just one thing and do it well, quickly, and easily. The simply-named is just one such service, and it does what you'd guess: Improves your images, one by one.
Added 2008-01-03
Prevent Identity Theft with Effective Password Management
Identify theft is the most commonly reported complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. For the last three years running the FTC has received more than 240,000 identify theft complaints. Internet-related fraud complaints have averaged about 200,000 per year for the last three calendar years.
Added 2008-01-03
How To Backup Your Email With MailStore Home
If you're anything like me, you rely on email for more a good chunk, if not most, of your personal communication. Financial, business, and family correspondence all hangs around in your inbox or email folders, ready to be accessed at a moment's notice. But if your inbox gets corrupted, or your webmail account gets hacked into, or any number of worst-case scenarios arise, you could find that precious data gone forever. Unless you have the foresight to back it up.
Added 2007-12-21
How to Test Your Internet Connection Speed
You may have bought a connection advertised as 1.5 Mbps, 5 Mbps, or 10 Mbps from your internet service provide, but the actual speed you can download and upload data at is affected by many factors. Find out the true speed of your internet connection with a free online speed test.
Added 2007-12-20
How To Convert Video With Xilisoft Video Converter
For all that it does, and that it does so quickly and with the utmost of ease, Xilisoft Video Converter deserves much praise. Therefore, it wins the Editor's Choice Award! Read this quick tutorial and find out why this software may be exactly what you've been looking for!
Added 2007-12-17
How to easily access your favourite content on one centralized, personalized, sports focused home page
Do you find yourself using numerous tools to keep track of your favourite web content (blogs, email, RSS feeds, etc.)? Do you find having multiple windows opened for your emails, calendar and your sports sites a hassle? Is it getting harder to find relevant content for you on the web?

If so, there is a solution equivalent to your personal online librarian.

Added 2007-12-13
Copy and Move Files Faster in Vista With TeraCopy
Windows Vista sure is pretty, but there are some things it's embarrassingly bad at. Somehow the most basic file management operations--copying and moving files--are among those things. While Microsoft promises improvements in the upcoming Service Pack 1, a third-party solution might be your best bet if you find yourself frustrated by Vista's performance right now.
Added 2007-12-12
How To Install Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Release Candidate
In the year since its release Windows Vista hasn't exactly secured a reputation as the stable, robust operating system Microsoft made it out to be. As a result, many people have been waiting eagerly for Service Pack 1, the first major update to Vista. While it won't be available in its final form until the new year, you can now download a Release Candidate from Microsoft. Read on to find out how.
Added 2007-12-12
How to recover lost data on a computer that will no longer boot up
If your Windows computer has crashed and will no longer boot properly or boot at all, than you need Selkie Rescue Data Recovery. Learn how you can use Selkie Rescue Data Recovery to get the data back from your dead computer.
Added 2007-12-12
Understanding and Managing Cookies On the Web
If you've spent much time on the web, you've probably encountered a web site that tells you "You must have cookies enabled to use this site." If you've been confused by this seeming non sequitur, you're not alone--"cookie" is one of the oddest bits of jargon you're likely to encounter on the web. In this article I'll tell you what cookies on the web really are and what you need to know about them.
Added 2007-12-07
How to Protect Your PC For Free
With new viruses, spyware, and other malware surfacing every day, keeping your computer protected can seem like a full-time job. It can also cost a lot if you buy a commercial solution for each problem. Luckily, there are a lot of cheap and free options to reduce the sticker shock and beef up your security.
Added 2007-12-04
Where to Find Great-Looking Desktop Wallpapers
I must admit that the desktop wallpapers that come bundled with today's operating systems are much better than the ones we had ten years ago, with names like ARGYLE.BMP and CIRCLES.BMP. But one can still get sick of the small collection of oversaturated landscapes and nebulous patterns that come with the latest versions Windows, and in order to cure your desktop innui it may be necessary to strike out onto the World Wide Web. In this article I'll point you to some of my favorite sites for decorating one's desktop.
Added 2007-12-01
How to send large files with EatLime
You'd think, in the age of broadband and BitTorrent and streaming video, the problem of easily sending big files to your friends or colleagues would be easy as pie. Somehow, though, no definitive innovation in that field has arrived, but there are many contenders. One of them is EatLime, a brand new free service that I've taken a shine to.
Added 2007-11-29
How To Build and Share Your Holiday Wishlist Online
The holiday shopping season is in full swing, and that could mean your loved ones are wondering right now what the heck they should get you. A wishlist has always been the best way to ensure that you get what you truly want, but this is the twenty-first century and this old dog has learned its share of new tricks. In this article I'll show you how you can build your wishlist online and share it with your friends and family, for maximum gift satisfaction.
Added 2007-11-27
How To Share Your Life Easily with EnjoyMyMedia
With EnjoyMyMedia Netcasting Transmitter you can easily and safely share all of your photos and more. Read all about it.
Added 2007-11-20
How To Use Macro Scheduler's Screen Image Recognition to Automate GUIs
This article explains how you can use Macro Scheduler's screen image recognition capabilities in order to automate GUIs.
Added 2007-11-16
Understanding Basic Internet Jargon
If you thought there was a lot of Windows jargon to be learned, just step onto the internet, where new technical terms are born every minute, or so it seems. This glossary will help you learn the most common terms and get you started on the road to internet vocabulary mastery.
Added 2007-11-16
How To Protect Your Sensitive Data
The advancement of the latest technologies has made it incredibly easy for the sensitive data to be stolen effortlessly unless you take proactive measures to protect your private information. Learn how to use Dekart Private Disk.
Added 2007-11-08
How To Read/Write Excel Data with Macro Scheduler
There are a number of ways that Macro Scheduler can interact with Excel to retrieve or modify data. I'll introduce you to three methods here.
Added 2007-11-15
How to Start Writing an Automation Script
These are tips for getting started with writing an automation script.
Added 2007-11-15
How To Change Windows Explorer Defaults
This solution will tell you how to change the default settings in Windows Explorer so you can open it up to the folders you want to see.
Added 2007-11-07
How To Use Parallels Workstation to Work Smarter
When it comes to virtualization you have a number of choices. Among these are Parallels Workstation. This is a powerful tool for creating and working with virtual machines. Read all about it.
Added 2007-11-06
How To Utilize VMware Workstation to Work Smarter
Part 2 in our series of articles on virtualization takes a look at VMware Workstation. Learn to work smarter.
Added 2007-10-31
How To Copy DVD to DVD and Shrink It!
This guide shows you how to copy a large 9 gigabyte DVD and put it on a 5 gigabyte DVD using AVS DVD Copy. Check it out.
Added 2007-10-15
How To Work Smarter Using Virtualization
Part one of a series of articles on how virtualization can provide solutions to everyday problems for homes and small businesses.
Added 2007-10-24
Understanding basic Windows jargon
One inescapable fact of computers is the jargon. Tens of thousands of technical terms have been invented just in the last decade, and new ones being invented every day: software terms, internet terms, gadget terms, multimedia terms... with no end in sight. You could spend a whole lifetime learning them all, but in day-to-day computer use you really only need to know the basic ones. To get you started, here's a list of common terms you're likely to run into while using Windows. You probably already know many of them, but keep this page bookmarked for when you encounter the unfamiliar ones.
Added 2007-10-23
How To Playback Video Files Using AVS DVD Player
Turning your personal computer into a multimedia center is quite easy. You will need to have a player that will let you playback media files of various formats - video and audio. Here we see how to do it using AVS DVD Player.
Added 2007-10-12
How To Delete Scenes from AVI Files
You might quite often face the need to quickly cut out some scenes in a video file you have without wanting to edit or re-encode it. Using AVS Video ReMaker you can delete scenes from AVI (DivX, XviD), MPEG-1,2 and 4, AVI DV and DVD files. Read all about it.
Added 2007-10-10
How to add quick access to your favorite folders in the Save/Open window
Commonly-used folders are just a click away on the Places Bar in Windows XP and Favorite Links in Vista, but they might not be the folders you use most often. This article will teach you how to customize which folders Windows gives you quick access to.
Added 2007-10-05
How To Record Audio Files
This article shows how easily you can record audio files using an audio recording software like RecordForAll.
Added 2007-10-04
How To Install Downloaded Programs
When you buy a program for your computer at a retail store, usually installing it is a simple matter of popping in the CD and following the prompts. Downloading a program from a site like Tucows, however, can sometimes be a little less straightforward. Here's your step-by-step guide to installing software you've downloaded from the web.
Added 2007-09-28
How To Speed Up Windows by Altering Virtual Memory
Would you like Windows to be a little faster, but you don't want to go out and buy more RAM? Then check out this article on increasing virtual memory.
Added 2007-09-25
How To Create a RSS Feed
This article explains how you can create a RSS feed using the feed creation wizard in FeedForAll.
Added 2007-09-12
Free tools for saving money online (and off)
The internet is great for finding new ways to spend money, but it's great for saving money, too. There are a number of web-based tools I use to save money on all sorts of things on a weekly basis. Here you'll find two of my favorites.
Added 2007-09-14
How To burn DVD movies to DVD, VCD, and more
AVS Video Converter allows you to burn a DVD movie to playback in your home DVD player from all modern video formats. The integrated DVD/VCD burning engine and the widest range of supported video formats make AVS Video Converter a perfect tool to create personal DVD movies. Just follow these few steps.
Added 2007-09-06
How To Work Smarter with SystemAI
Many of you may not want to get as involved with virtualization as I am, but there are alternatives. SystemAI, by Celceo, provides an intriguing solution to your computer issues. You can work smarter and here's how.
Added 2007-09-11
How do I tweak hidden settings in Windows Vista?
Power users are endlessly hunting for hidden and hard-to-find settings to get the most out of their computer. Four utilities for Windows Vista make it easier.
Added 2007-09-07
How To Rip DVD to MP4 or 3GP Mobile Phone Format
Would like to watch your favorite DVDs using a mobile phone? AVS Video Converter allows you to convert your DVD video to a necessary format and then upload it to the mobile phone.
Added 2007-08-29
How To Convert Videos for your Portable Device
Sometimes you might want to convert your home video and save it into a format compatible with your portable video player or a mobile phone. For this purpose it will have to be a certain size and meet exact parameters so it can play back on your device with no problems. AVS Video Tools are the perfect solution.
Added 2007-08-29
How To Maintain the Windows Registry
To keep your car running smoothly you have your oil changed at regular intervals. To keep your Registry functioning as it should you should clean and defragment it on a regular basis. Check out these programs to learn more about it.
Added 2007-08-23
How To Understand Compressed Files
Those new to computers can often be confused by talk of compressed files, ZIP files, and lots more. This solution explains compressed files and gives you some good programs to look at.
Added 2007-08-20
Optimizing your computer's power usage
Not so long ago our computers were either "On" or "Off." These days Windows gives us a huge number of potentially confusing power options, from "Stand By" to "Hibernate." This article will help you understand the jargon and configure your PC's power management, which could help you save a few bucks on your electric bill.
Added 2007-08-17
How to recover data from a formatted drive
If you have accidentally deleted all of the data from your hard drive and wish to recover this data, it isn't as hard as you might think.
Added 2007-08-13
How To Create a CD or DVD with a custom icon
It's easy to add a custom icon to any removable media that you "burn" or copy files to. Windows will display the custom icon for the removable drive whenever the media is inserted or connected. I'll explain how to do it, and introduce you to some tools you may find helpful.
Added 2007-08-09
How to recover deleted data
If you have ever lost your data by deletion, emptying the recycle bin or by permanent deletion you can still recover them with the help of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery.
Added 2007-08-02
Saving Battery Power On Your Windows Vista Laptop
Windows Vista puts great demands on your computer's resources, and when you have a laptop that can translate into a quickly-depleted battery. Vista Battery Saver is a free program that helps curtail Vista's power-hungry behavior when you're on the go.
Added 2007-08-03
How To Convert Videos Between Formats
Lately I've become interested in video. It started out when I purchased a new video iPod. First, I loaded on my music. Then, I loaded on some pictures of my family. Hmmm, I thought, it says you can put videos on here too. I thought that might be fun so I started looking into it.
Added 2007-07-30
How to enable or disable JavaScript in your web browser
The latest and greatest sites on the web--including this one--require JavaScript to be enabled in your web browser to give you the best experience. If you've got JavaScript turned off, read on for instructions on how to turn it back on (or, if you really want, the other way around) in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, or Safari.
Added 2007-07-31
How To Accelerate Windows
When your computer starts to slow down it may not mean that it's old, but that it's full of junk. There is a solution. SpeedUpMyPC.
Added 2007-07-27
How To Save YouTube Videos
Have some favorite videos on YouTube? This solution tells you how you can save them to disk, easily.
Added 2007-07-24
How To Use The Hidden Third Mouse Button On Your Laptop
Working on a laptop with only two mouse buttons and miss your middle-click button when surfing the web? This might just be the solution you're looking for.
Added 2007-07-19
How to Get Rid of Spyware
If you're running Windows, I'm willing to be that you have at least one malicious spyware or adware program on your computer right now. Don't despair, though: There are tools, both free and commercial, that will help you rid your PC of the malware menace.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Make Pidgin Remember Window Positions in Windows
If you use Pidgin for instant messaging and can't figure out why it puts message windows in the upper-left corner no matter how many times you move them elsewhere on the screen, I've got the plugin for you.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Backup and Transfer Your Firefox Settings, Add-Ons, and Data
If Firefox is your web browser of choice and you've got it all tricked out with your preferred options, add-ons, and tweaks, dealing with a fresh install on a new machine, or data loss, can be traumatic. Fortunately there's a free tool that lets you back up all of those things and transfer them anywhere you go.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Create, Save, and Load Brushes in Adobe Photoshop
This tutorial will show you how to create, save and load brushes in Adobe Photoshop in just a few easy steps!
Added 2007-07-10
Goodbye, Buddy List Shuffle: All-In-One Instant Messaging
Do you have three separate buddy lists cluttering your desktop? Do your friends have a half-dozen different identities on multiple instant messaging services? It doesn't have to be that way--here are three great options for ending the "buddy list shuffle."
Added 2007-07-10
How to Create a Business Card Template in Adobe Photoshop

This quick tutorial will show you how to create a template for printing sheets of 12 standard 3 1/5 x 2 inch business cards using Adobe Photoshop.

Added 2007-07-12
How to Reduce Red-Eye in Adobe Photoshop
Here's two proven and tried methods of removing red-eye from digital photos using Adobe Photoshop.
Added 2007-07-12
Choosing a Blogging Tool to Fit Your Blogging Style
Starting a blog should be easy, but it can be hard to know where to start. There are dozens of different blogging programs and hosting providers, each with its own perks and quirks. There is no best blogging app, but some are better for certain blogging styles. Here are my top picks for four different types of blogger: The Beginner, The Journaler, The Do-It-Yourselfer, and The Cool Hunter.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Make and Annotate Maps with Google My Maps
if you've ever wanted to mark points of interest, add annotations, or just draw on a map and share it with friends, Google's My Maps is the tool for you. Here's how to get started.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Put YouTube Videos (and More) on Your iPod
A video-capable iPod is a wonderful thing, but some of the best videos on the web, like the viral hits on YouTube, aren't easy to put on your iPod. In this tutorial I show you some free tools to download YouTube videos, convert them to an iPod-friendly format, and take them with you.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Write and Take Notes Online
Thanks to a number of free web-based services, creating and keeping documents on one computer and toting around thumb drives or emailing files to yourself or colleagues could soon be a thing of the past.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Take a Picture of Your Screen
Sometimes it's very useful to be able to capture an image of whatever is on your screen. I'll introduce you to some tools for taking screenshots quickly and easily.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Block Ads on the Web
Advertising on the web is a necessary evil that keeps many sites free for you and I to use. But when ads cross the line by flashing, playing sounds, and getting in our faces, we must put them out of their misery. Here's how.
Added 2007-07-12
Three Ways to Keep Your Secret Files Hidden
Let's just say that, hypothetically, you had some sensitive files that you don't want your kids, your boss, or your snooping roommate to get into while you're away from the computer. You've got a lot of options.
Added 2007-07-12
Reading RSS Feeds With Google Reader
Sick of visiting a few dozen web sites every day to get your fix of news, links, and fun? Syndicated web feeds and a feed reader like Google Reader allow you to get updates on all your favorite sites in one place. Here's how.
Added 2007-07-10
How to Download Many Files From a Web Page at Once
Once in awhile one finds one's self presented with a lot of choices: Links to 100 MP3s of live performances by one's favorite band, or 250 high-res photos of kittens, or a pile of video files. You could go through each link, one by one, right-clicking and choosing Save As..., but you've got better things to do, and luckily there are free mass-downloading browser add-ons that will do the job for you.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Open and Convert PDF Files
Increasingly, people and organizations are distributing documents as PDF files. The key to why is in the name: PDF stands for Portable Document Format, and its aim is to allow all documents to be read on any computer, anywhere. That's all well and good until somebody sends you a PDF file and you find that you can't open it on your computer.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Use BitTorrent
BitTorrent is the current reigning champion among file-sharing buzzwords, but what is it, and more importantly, how can you use it to download music, videos, software, and more?
Added 2007-07-12
How to Listen to Podcasts
Despite the name, you don't need an iPod, or any portable device, to listen to and watch podcasts. All you need is an internet connection, a computer, and the right free software.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Keep Track of All Your Passwords
Drowning in passwords for email, online banking, MySpace, work, forums, and more? Get your passwords and personal info under control with these password-management apps.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Modify the Right-Click Menu
The context menu, often called the "right-click" menu, can get out-of-hand. Learn how to modify it to suit your needs.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Restrict Browsing in Internet Explorer
Keep your children from viewing things they shouldn't on the Internet.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Create a Home Page
No matter which browser you use, there is an option to change your home page to whichever site you prefer. In this article, I'll show you how it's done, and we'll also take a look at some great customizable start pages that are sure to enhance your browsing experience.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Dispose of a Computer
Ready to get a new computer? Here are some thoughts on how to dispose of your current machine.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Create Actions in Photoshop
This is a quick tutorial that will show you how to create actions in Photoshop.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Run an Anti-Spyware Program
Spyware is always a concern for anyone who spends any amount of time on the Internet. This video shows how to install and operate CounterSpy, a five-cow spyware remover here on Tucows.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Download Using FTP
Ever need to download files from a FTP server while working on a Web page or dealing with a company server? Than this tutorial, and FTP Voyager, are for you!
Added 2007-07-12
How to use WinZip
Many programs on Tucows are distributed as compressed "Zip" files. In order to access these files, we highly recommend getting a program like WinZip. This video will show you how to install and use WinZip.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Use Firefox Options
Learn about the various options available in Firefox.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Use Internet Explorer Options - Part 2
Part 2 of 2 on the Options found in Internet Explorer.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Use Internet Explorer Options - Part 1
Part 1 of 2 articles on the options found in Internet Explorer
Added 2007-07-12
How to Organize Your Bookmarks
Get some ideas on how you can keep your Internet bookmarks organized.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Organize Your Computer
Look at ways you can get your computer organized
Added 2007-07-12
Simple Audio Editing 101: Fixing the Beginning and End
This is the first audio editing tutorial of a series of articles to come. The idea here is to teach you through multiple tutorials small tips to edit any piece of audio.
Added 2007-07-12
Watermarking Digital Images Part 3
Previously, I showed you how to protect your digital images by visually watermarking them using programs like Watermark Factory and Photoshop. Now lets talk a bit about invisible watermarks.
Added 2007-07-10
How to Set Up a Web Page - Part 3
Check out the final installment of this three-part series on doing your own Web pages.
Added 2007-07-12
Watermarking Digital Images Part 2
Adding a text watermark to your digital images is a good way to keep them protected from misuse. This article provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to create text watermarks using Photoshop or similar photo editing software.
Added 2007-07-10
How to Set Up a Web Page - Part 2
Read part 2 of the three-part article on creating your own Web pages.
Added 2007-07-12
Watermarking Digital Images Part 1
While it's impossible to keep people from taking your images, you can make it more difficult for them to reproduce them if they are watermarked. This article shows how text watermarks can be applied to digital images in a few easy steps using a software program called Watermark Factory.
Added 2007-07-10
How to Set Up a Web Page - Part 1
Learn the ins and outs of setting up a Web page in this three-part series.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Edit Sound Files
Learn how to easily edit sounds on your computer.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Export and Import E-mail Contacts
Find out how to export and import e-mail contacts in this week's how-to article.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Exit Frozen Programs
Tips and tricks on how to exit frozen programs, reboot Windows and prevent lock-ups.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Clean Your Keyboard
This how-to tells you how to clean your keyboard whether it's a routine cleaning or an emergency spill.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Recover Deleted Files
How can you recover files that you've accidentally deleted? Find out in this week's how-to column.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Create a Secure Instant Messaging Network
Public instant message programs used in a corporate environment pose a real security threat. Read about a new solution to this growing problem - Famatech Radmin Communication Server.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Change Microsoft Word Page Settings
Find out some of the basics about changing the Page Settings in Microsoft Word.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Correctly Position Your Computer
Position your computer and your body correctly and you can avoid pain causing muscle strain.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Change Drive Letters
The question of changing drive letters on a computer is a bit more technical than some of the other questions I've answered. See inside for how to go about it correctly.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Buy a Laptop
Doc talks about some considerations when looking to purchase a laptop computer.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Buy a Computer
Get some pointers from Doc on how to shop for a new computer.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Use Remote Desktop With a Router
This week find out how to use Remote Desktop through a router so you can access your computer from a remote location.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Remotely Access Your PC With Remote Desktop
This week you'll learn how to set up your "client" machine so you can connect to a computer that has had Remote Desktop activated. Read on!
Added 2007-07-12
Set Up Remote Desktop
If you have Windows XP you may have a feature that you either don't know about or that you don't understand. I've received a lot of questionsasking how to set up a computer to utilize the Remote Desktopfeature of Windows XP.
Added 2007-07-10
How to Change Your Desktop Settings
When you get a computer with Windows on it, it has a basic look. It has certain desktop wallpaper, it has certain icons, it utilizes certain sounds, and so on.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Increase Computer Performance
Learn about things you can do to keep your computer running smoothly. Find out about defragmentation, cleaning the Registry, getting protection against viruses and more.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Remove Junk Files
In the process of using your computer you accumulate files. Now, many of them are files that you actually want. Things like data files, text files, documents, databases, spreadsheet files, photos, graphics, music files, and more.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Set Up E-mail Programs
Doc explains the basics of setting up your e-mail.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Start Windows in Safe Mode
In using your computer there will be times when things will go wrong. Things will be working fine and then suddenly you install a program or hardware and everything seems to be goofed up. At times like these you may look for help and in doing so you'll be told to start Windows in Safe Mode. What exactly is Safe Mode?
Added 2007-07-12
How to Come Up With Passwords You'll Remember
In the world today there's a lot of concern about security. When you're online many sites will have you "register" and create a username and password. I know that's true of sites where I shop like Office Depot, Sam's Club, Office Max, and others. Some "home" pages will require you to log in. Depending on the number of sites you visit and the kinds of things you do online, you can end up with lots of passwords.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Manage File Associations in Windows
In this article, Doc explains how and why we can change file type associations in Windows, and how to set multiple program associations for files.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Cool Down Your Computer
Dan Veaner struggled to find a convenient way to cool the computer compartment in his desk. Read his humorous adventure to find the perfect solution and avoid the frustration he encountered by taking his advice.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Remove Unwanted Software
The average computer that you purchase from a store or from one of the big computer manufacturers comes with lots of software. The majority have over 500 megabytes of software installed when you receive it. In some cases you'll find programs that you want to use. In other cases you may want to remove software, and this is how you can do it.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Organize the Programs Menu in Windows XP
When you buy a computer it comes with a lot of software on it. Whether you buy Dell, Gateway, Compaq, Toshiba or any other name brand, you get about 500 megabytes of software. That's right, about half a gigabyte is filled up with either free programs or lite versions of programs you can pay to upgrade.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Save or Print a Directory Listing in Windows
As this question came in multiple times it was kind of a pleasant surprise for me. In this day of Windows and graphical user interfaces I thought it was interesting that users like you wanted to know how to get a directory listing, either in a file or printed.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Use System Restore in Windows XP
One of the really slick features in Windows XP, as compared to all the other versions of Windows, is the System Restore function. Some of you may shake your head and say, "What function?" I've found that many users don't find it, especially if they don't know about it.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Prevent Viruses, Beyond the Obvious
At this point in time nearly everyone has heard of computer viruses. Perhaps the first one that got widespread attention was the Michaelangelo Virus. That was March 6th, 1993 and the entire world learned about it. Computer virus experts were on talk shows and programs like ABC's "Nightline." Oh, there had been other viruses and Trojan horses, but this was really one of the first that got lots of attention.
Added 2007-07-12
Understanding DVD Types
I've received numerous emails asking me how to understand all the DVD media types. To begin with I'm asked why there are so many different kinds. DVD+, DVD-, etc. Then I'm asked which is the type they should use in their DVD player. So, to get us started let me give you a little history on this entire phenomenon of standards.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Put Text in Graphics and Photos
It seems like just about everyone has made the switch to digital cameras. And that means that all of your photos start out as little, or not so little, digital images. Now, with "old-fashioned" pictures, you could easily write on the back of them. You know, I think everyones family used to do that kind of thing. And I guess some still do. Putting helpful little notes on the backs of pictures. Things like "Michael at age 2", or "Camping - bear eating our lunch", or "Baby's First Christmas" or "Tim at high school graduation."
Added 2007-07-12
How to Convert Graphic Image Formats
Graphics files are very common, and yet for many computer users they are also a bit of a mystery. Your desktop wallpaper is a graphics file and so are your icons. The digital photos that you take are also graphics files and so are many of the images you see on the Internet. This article is meant to remove a bit of the mystery from graphics files and tell you how you can convert graphics from one format to another.
Added 2007-07-10
Understanding File Extensions
In order to tell you about file extensions, and how to understand what they mean, it's necessary to give you a little bit of the history of file extensions. What is a file extension? Well, it's those extra characters, normally 3 of them, that come at the very end of a file name, after the period (.) --- so, in the file name TESTING.DOC, the .DOC would be the file extension. I say "normally 3 of them" because is some rare cases there may be only 1 or 2. Now, the next question is "What are they for?" and that's a good question.
Added 2007-07-12
Understanding Common Computer Terms
With so many people being new to computers it isn't any wonder that there is confusion about what certain common terms mean. I've grown up with the personal computer so I learned all these terms over time. But, if you only recently got into computers, it can be more than a bit overwhelming. Terms like POP, FTP, HTML, SMTP, URL, DNS, CD-R, download, upload, SSL, and many, many more.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Defragment Your Hard Disks
A few weeks ago, in the Tell Me About... column, there was an excellent article on disk fragmentation. If you haven't read it already I suggest you take a look. It explains what disk fragmentation is in a way that makes a great deal of sense.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Prepare Kids for the Internet
My older sister, Melaina, and I have each been on computers since each of us was about 4. We learned how to use word processors like WordStar and WordPerfect. We played some of the first really cool computer games, like Castle Wolfenstein and Wing Commander.
Added 2007-07-12
How to Deal With .ZIP Files
Like many online functions, downloading and processing ZIP files seems rather mysterious and not entirely intuitive. Fortunately, as soon as you grasp the details, it's one of those computer functions that makes perfect sense and becomes second nature.
Added 2007-07-12