Stacy's Favorite Freeware: Me.dium - A Revolution in Social Networking
Me.dium is a sidebar addon for Firefox, Flock, and Internet Explorer that allows it's users to interact with each other in real time! Find out more about this revolutionary concept that takes social networking to an entirely different level!
Added 2007-08-07
Stacy's Favorite Freeware: IMified: notes, todo lists and reminders
IMified offers instant access to a number of helpful productivity tools like notes, todolists and reminders, right from your chat client. It's such a unique solution, yet it's so simple that it begs the question "Why didn't someone think of that sooner?"
Added 2007-07-13
Stacy's Favorite Freeware: Spiceworks: network maintenance, inventory and help desk solution
Spiceworks is a network maintenance, help desk ticketing, problem reporting, inventory tracking software you've just got to try.
Added 2007-07-13
Stacy's Favorite Freeware: Foxit Reader is a speedy PDF reader
Sick and tired of waiting for your PDF reader to load? Foxit Reader is a free cure for what ails ya. Finally, our thumb twiddling days are over!
Added 2007-07-13
Stacy's Favorite Freeware: Snaptune One records streaming audioHN_ID'
Remember back in the 80's when you used to record your favorite radio shows on cassette tapes? How would you like to record music from streaming audio... only easier, better and for free?
Added 2007-07-13
Stacy's Favorite Freeware: Using DigiBookShelf to Organize your Digital Photos, Audio and video
If you have been looking for a way to organize your digital photos, audio, and video into albums you can share with friends and family, you may be interested in taking a closer look at DigiBookShelf.
Added 2007-07-13
Stacy's Favorite Freeware: VAMP Media Center: p2p multimedia organizing
VAMP Media Center is a free peer-to-peer incorporated multimedia playground that lets you have creative fun with your files. Create photo albums, send greeting cards, and make your own screen savers!
Added 2007-07-13