Smartphone Software - SecuWipe
SecuWipe for Pocket PC is a powerful tool for completely removing all the data from your Windows Mobile device. If you stop and think about it most people are keeping more and more information on their mobile devices. We all have contacts, but many of us also have documents, notes, photos, browsing history, and lots more.
Added 2008-11-04
How To Lock Your PC With Rohos Logon Key
In many home and business environments you may need to make sure your PC is secure when you leave it. Of course, that means putting in a secure password every, single, time. Or does it? Well, not if you start using Rohos Logon Key a cool product for both Windows and Mac.
Added 2008-08-22
Unique Tools For Computer Security and Theft Prevention
An unattended computer just begs to be stolen or tampered with. A few free and cheap tools can ease your mind and provide a supply a bit of security if you absolutely have to step away from your PC.
Added 2008-07-16
Smartphone Software - SecuBox for Pocket PC
SecuBox is a powerful program for your Pocket PC or Windows Mobile device that lets you encrypt sensitive data easily.
Added 2008-02-27
Favorite - SplashID for Blackberry
SplashID for Blackberry is the best program around for keeping secure data on your Blackberry device. That's also why it's one of Doc's Favorites. Check it out.
Added 2007-11-02
Tucows Editorial - Five Cool Tools for Free!
Here are five tools that are absolutely free and they make you more secure and more aware of things.
Added 2008-01-15
How To Make Your PC Internet Secure
When you venture out onto the Internet there are a range of threats that you need to be aware of. By taking some extra precautions it is possible to be safe. The folks from Uniblue Systems provide a range of products to help keep you secure. Read all about it.
Added 2008-01-08
Dialogues by Doc - Rules for Happier Computing #7
Continuing on with Rule #7 of my rules for happier computing. What's one solution to avoiding spyware? It may be YOU. Be sure to listen in.
Added 2007-08-30
Picks: Reviews of RecallPlus, Folder Lock, Offline Explorer, and more
The week Doc looks at some cool programs including RecallPlus, Folder Lock, A4Desk Flash WebSite and Menu Builder, and Offline Explorer Pro
Added 2007-10-05