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Elliot Noss

President and Chief Executive Officer

Elliot is CEO of Tucows. Tucows challenged how software was distributed in the 1990s and how domain names were offered and managed in the 2000s and is challenging how mobile phone service is provided today.

For nearly twenty years, Elliot has loved and championed the Internet as the greatest agent of positive change the world has ever seen. Through his role at Tucows, his involvement in ICANN and his personal efforts, he has lobbied, agitated and educated to promote this vision and protect an Open Internet around the world.

Elliot has been sitting in the same chair at Tucows for over fifteen years and finds every year more exciting than the previous!


Michael Cooperman

Chief Financial Officer
Michael Cooperman has more than 20 years of experience in the financial and general management fields, primarily as a senior financial executive in the technology industry. Prior to joining Tucows, Michael worked at Archer Enterprise Systems Inc., a provider of SalesForce Automation Software. He also served as CEO, Chief Operating Officer, President and member of the board at SoftQuad International Inc., a leading provider of content publishing tools for the Internet and corporate Intranets.

Previously, he spent eight years as the CFO, Secretary-Treasurer and a member of the Board of Directors at Delrina Corporation where he directed all financial management and regulatory activities. Delrina pioneered the development of PC fax software and became a world leader in the communication software market during this period. Michael was a member of the management team that saw Delrina grow over 2800% in revenue. Prior to joining Delrina, he was VP of Finance at Ingram Software Ltd. Michael holds a Bachelor of Accounting Sciences Degree from the University of South Africa.


Ken Schafer

EVP, Product
Widely seen as a pioneer of Internet marketing in Canada, Ken has tirelessly promoted the Net as a significant force in business and culture.

Ken conceived and oversaw Sony Music Canada’s early online initiatives. From their first site in 1995, Ken’s team built a global web presence for 25 Canadian artists, by pioneering viral and email marketing, rich media, and community building long before they had become buzzwords.

In 1996 he co-founded (AIMS) where as President he helped it become Canada’s largest organization for Internet decision-makers. In 1997 he co-authored the online portion of the Canadian Marketing Association’s Code of Ethics. More recently, Ken developed the curriculum and taught the 14-week CMA’s Certificate in E-marketing program and founded One Degree, one of Canada’s leading web sites for Internet marketing professionals.

Ken received his degree in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo.


David Woroch

EVP, Domains
David oversees the Domains business at Tucows, including OpenSRS (wholesale), Hover (retail) and the premium domain portfolio.

He joined Tucows in 2000 after thirteen years at IBM and, over the past sixteen years, has helped build Tucows’ sales, marketing, business development, product management and technical support capabilities.

He has also built a small fortune in frequent flyer miles, traveling several times around the world to meet with clients and partners, manage a global sales team and attend industry conferences. He led the acquisition and integration of EPAG (in Bonn, Germany) and the Melbourne IT international reseller business and has worked with domain name registries on six continents to help Tucows build the largest reseller channel in the world and a massive offering of nearly 250 country code TLDs and over 350 generic TLDs.

David is grateful for the fascinating places he has visited and all the inspiring entrepreneurs and professionals he has met and supported. He is happiest when his clients are happy, an ethic effectively instilled in him by his wife and two daughters.

David holds an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario.


Carla Goertz

EVP, Human Resources
Carla Goertz brings to Tucows more that 20 years of human resources experience, primarily in the Technology sector. She has held several senior roles, as VP Human Resources and Administration at Systems Xcellence Inc., and Castek Software Inc., as well as Director of Human Resources at Tech Data Canada Corp. Carla received her CHRP in 1994 and was educated at Sheridan College.


Ross Rader

VP, Customer Experience
Ross has been with Tucows since the very beginning. After helping hundreds of thousands of Canadians settle on the newly discovered Internet in the ’90’s at Internet Direct Canada, Ross led Tucows’ launch of OpenSRS in 2000. Since 2005, he has managed Tucows’ retail operations and recently launched Hover which provides its clients simple, yet powerful tools for managing domain names and email services.

He is an active contributor to international and Canadian Internet policy and played a central role in the development of several key policies, including domain name portability, the evolution and launch of new gTLDs and consumer protection and privacy. In addition to his work at Tucows, Ross’ is a long-time board member of CIRA, the steward of Canada’s top-level domain, and is the chair of its Board Governance Committee.

Ross is also an accomplished ultra-distance cyclist who in addition to cycling across Canada for charity in 2008, holds the current world record for the fastest crossing of the province of Ontario.


Jody Stocks

VP, Engineering
Jody has been in the IT industry for over 25 years, having started in custom software development within the consulting world and grown into project management, business unit leadership, and management of Montage’s Toronto consulting office in 2001.

Through that period and a subsequent consulting management position at X.eye Inc, Jody leveraged his broad IT experience and a thirst for process improvements to create and nurture effective delivery teams in the Finance, Banking, High-Tech, Government, and Manufacturing industries.

Jody switched gears and joined Tucows in October 2005 to lead the data analysis and reporting team. Over the last 6 years he has led the Software Engineering teams at Tucows in a continuous process of improving Agile processes to make development cycle times more productive, leaner, and less prone to error in addition to taking the lead in building out a self-service business analytics platform.

Jody has a Mathematics (Computer Science) degree from the University of Waterloo.


Michael Goldstein

VP, Sales and Marketing
Michael has spent over 20 years fostering love between customers and brands.

He spent much of his career in account management roles on the agency side, most recently at Ogilvy & Mather in New York. He has journeyed from orange juice, spaghetti sauce and chewing gum to stock trading tools to domain names to mobile phone service. Along the way, he has made a lot of television commercials and print ads and optimized a lot of websites. But he is happiest when he is talking to customers.

Michael worked at Tucows for just one year in 2000 during the launch of OpenSRS and then returned in 2009, this time making the move from New York to Toronto.

He earned his undergraduate degree at Duke University in North Carolina. He did not play hoops there, but only because he was very focused on his studies.

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