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The Boxer Text Editor is a full-featured product and it's currently in the Sharware Spotlight. Take a look.
Published: May 16, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
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Boxer Text Editor 13.0.0
Download Save time and effort with this versatile, full-featured Windows text editor.
Shareware Spotlight

In The Spotlight: Boxer Text Editor

by David Hamel of Boxer Software

If you're like most people, you like to get your work done asquickly and efficiently as possible. Nobody likes to do extrawork, or get stuck using the wrong tool for the job. The BoxerText Editor has the power to handle even the most complicatedediting jobs, yet remains easy-to-use even for less experiencedusers.

One of Boxer's most popular time-saving features is its columnarediting capability. Boxer allows you to select and manipulatetext in rectangular blocks, making it easy to work with chartsand tables. Need to remove an entire column of data from areport? Just switch to column selection mode, select therectangle of interest, and press Delete. Need to move the datacolumn to a new location? Just cut it to the clipboard and pasteit at the new location.

Boxer also has special features that will save you time whenediting HTML files. Experienced web designers prefer to see theexact markup codes that are being placed in their files, andBoxer provides just such an editing environment. Then, at thepress of a key, you can preview the edited document in your webbrowser, to be certain of its appearance. When it's time to spellcheck your document, select the option to ignore HTML tags so youwon't be bothered by misspellings that appear within HTML tags.

Have you ever been frustrated by a mismatched TABLE, TD, or TRtag? With Boxer's Find Mate command, you can quickly locate themate to the HTML tag at the cursor, or discover that the tag isunmatched. Boxer even helps tame those confusing numeric colorcodes: let the mouse hover over an existing reference such ascolor="#DFDFDF" and Boxer will display the referenced color in apop-up color swatch. When it's time to insert a new color code,use the pop-up HTML color chart to select a color, andits numeric color code will be interested automatically.

Sometimes repetitive editing tasks arise, and it can be helpfulto record a series of keys and/or commands that can be playedback numerous times. Here too Boxer fits the bill, with its keyrecording feature. Just press a command key, type yourkeystrokes, press that same command key, and you've made a keyrecording. You can then play back the recording manually, or usethe Command Multiply feature to automate its playback as manytimes as is needed.

For more experienced users, Boxer's built-in macro programminglanguage offers the ability to automate the most challengingediting tasks imaginable. Boxer's macro language is aninterpreted, C-like language with variables, boolean logic,conditional execution, looping, and an extensive set ofarithmetic operators. Macros can be run in an integrated debuggerenvironment that provides variable watches, breakpoints, singlestep and step-to-cursor capabilities. The macro language issupported by over 350 functions that map to editor commands,string functions, math, date and time, and other services.

As you can see from this short survey, Boxer has something foreveryone. Best of all, you can try a fully functional evaluation copy todecide if Boxer fits your workstyle. Give Boxer a try today and youmight find that your work week gets a little shorter, and your weekendsget a little longer.

About The Author...

David Hamel created Boxer Software in 1991. The DOS version of Boxer wasreleased in 1991 and quickly gained a loyal following among users aroundthe world. Since then, the Boxer Text Editors have been enthusiasticallyreviewed by numerous computer magazines and journals. Boxer Softwarespecializes in the development of productivity software for PCs, with anemphasis on text editing and text processing. Other products by thecompany include: Boxer for Windows, Text Monkey PRO, Text Monkey Lite, Boxer/DOS(retired), Boxer/TKO (retired) and Boxer/OS2 (retired). Boxer Softwareproducts have been licensed to customers in more than 70 countries onsix continents, and to dozens of Fortune 500 companies.

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