Find out why Microangelo is one of Doc's "Favorites"
Published: May 18, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
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Microangelo Toolset 6.10.7
Download Create and edit icons for all Windows platforms, including Windows Vista, with Toolset's...
Favorites LogoA Dr. File Finder Favorite -- Microangelo

Microangelo is a fascinating product that allows you to dominiaturized graphics, or icons, in Windows, including Windows XP! And,Microangelo, by Eclipsit, has won multiple Shareware Industry Awards aswell as SIAF People's Choice Awards. That makes it a favorite of bothcomputer professionals and users, like you!

Microangelo has multiple parts. Working with the various parts allowsyou to do many things with icon graphics. Microangelo comes with aLibrarian, a Studio, an Explorer, and an Animator. That's right, youcan even animate icons with this powerful tool. The Librarian does whatthe name implies -- it helps you to manage icon files no matter wherethey are contained. The Studio lets you create, or edit, your iconimages. You can create images from scratch or edit and alter existingimages. The Explorer helps you find icons on your system. And lastly,the Animator gives you the power to easily add animation to your icons.

Microangelo, is the most impressive program I've seen forworking with icon graphics in Windows. It's unique, it's powerful, andyet it's also easy-to-use. I like it so much that it's not only oneof my Picks but it's also a Dr. File Finder Favoriteand those are few and far between. This is so much more than justan icon editor that you have to see it to believe it. The latest versionsupports icons for the upcoming Windows Vista! It has support for thenew high resolution graphics, PNG compression, and more. Give it a tryand you'll be hooked. A favorite of mine, and of users and softwaredevelopers as well.

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