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Text Monkey Pro can clean up your email and other text in a jiffy. Check it out in the Shareware Spotlight!
Published: May 30, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Shareware Spotlight

In The Spotlight: Text Monkey Pro

by David Hamel of Boxer Software

How many times have you received an email message that was so clutteredwith quoting markers that it was hard to read? You know the kind:

>> Bob>> JT> > Can you make the> marketing>> Bob>> JT> > meeting later> today>> Bob>> JT> > at 2:30 in the> large>> Bob>> JT> > conference room?

You might need to forward that message to others in your group. Do youjust click the "Forward" button, adding to the mess? Will one of therecipients miss the important content? Where does it all end?

Text Monkey PRO cleans up ugly, over-quoted email text in aflash: just select the text, copy it to the clipboard, and then paste itback. How can that be? Text Monkey senses when quoted email text is placedon the clipboard and automatically cleans it. You can also run Text Monkeyin manual mode, so that a mouse click is required before the text on theclipboard is cleaned.

The above example becomes:

Can you make the marketing meeting later todayat 2:30 in the large conference room?

That's one clever monkey! Text Monkey is also smart enough to ignoreformatted lists so they aren't wrapped into flowing paragraphs. As it'scleaning, Text Monkey removes extra blank lines and spaces from the sourcetext. You can choose whether text should be free-flowing, or whether lineenders should be inserted at a user-defined column.

Text Monkey PRO is a handy email tool, but its utility doesn'tstop there. Text Monkey PRO includes more than forty other textprocessing functions that will save you time and effort on a wide varietyof editing tasks. Here are just a few:

  • Delete HTML tags
  • Decode named characters such as """
  • Decode numbered characters such as """
  • Convert text to an HTML document
  • Indent all lines with user-specified text
  • Strip user-specified characters
  • Sort lines alphabetically, numerically, etc.
  • Auto-number lines, with many options
  • Count characters, words and lines
  • Convert tabs to spaces, spaces to tabs
  • Convert character case
  • Delete duplicate lines
  • and much, much more

The ability to process text as it resides on the clipboard, combinedwith Text Monkey PRO's small desktop footprint, makes it the perfectcompanion to other applications that lack its text processing functions. Text Monkey can essentially become an extension to every Windows programyou use, sitting alongside other applications, passing converted text viathe Windows clipboard. Text Monkey PRO is a big timesaver, and deserves aplace in your "must-have" software toolbox.

About The Author...

David Hamel created Boxer Software in 1991. The DOS version of Boxer wasreleased in 1991 and quickly gained a loyal following among users aroundthe world. Since then, the Boxer Text Editors have been enthusiasticallyreviewed by numerous computer magazines and journals. Boxer Softwarespecializes in the development of productivity software for PCs, with anemphasis on text editing and text processing. Other products by the companyinclude: Boxer for Windows, Text Monkey PRO, The Permutator, and the FileAppend and Split Tool. Boxer Software products have been licensed tocustomers in more than 70 countries on six continents, and to dozens ofFortune 500 companies.

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