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Doc reviews WinXP Manager, Quintura Search, Acronis Privacy Expert Corporate, Acronis Power Utilities and QuickTime Player.
Published: May 31, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
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Quintura Search 1.5
Download Using Quintura Search, you can create a search scope using a search cloud of tags related...
WinXP Manager 8.0.1
Download A powerful software tool to tweak, optimize, maintain and tune up your Windows XP, it...
QuickTime Player 7.74
Download QuickTime is an excellent movie viewer application that uses the latest streaming...

Quintura Search, by Quinturais a fascinating program that gives a whole new perspective to Internetsearches. It gives you a "visual" way to see your searches I found really interesting. Unlike a regular search that gives you page after page of results, Quintura Search gives your results as what's called a "cloud" of tags. By clicking on different tags you can refine and narrow your search. You can even save a search and share it. When I first downloaded the program I spent hours just doing searches and seeing how the program displayed the results. Excellent!

Don't misunderstand, Quintura Search utilizes some of the most popular search engines like Google, MSN Search, Yahoo, and others, to dothe searching. What's different and unique is the way the resultsare displayed to you. The program makes it easy to narrow down a search because can remove individual "tags" with a mouse click. You can even add tags if you wish. The net result, in my opinion, is that you get the results you want faster and more easily. The program is really easy-to-use and has an intuitive user interface. It's perfect for both new and experienced users.

Quintura Search provides a different approach to Internet searches and the results you get. The "cloud" of tags really simplifies the search process and makes it easier to find what you're looking for.By providing you with results in a "visual map" you can more easily see what you're looking for. I also like the fact that you can save your results and share them. I found the programs approach to searches, and results, intriguing and extremely useful. So, it's not only a Pick, but also a Dr. File Finder Favorite - and those are few and far between. If you'd like to maximize your Internet searches you owe it to yourself to try Quintura Search. I recommend it highly!

WinXP Manager, by Yamicsoftis a slick utility that lets you "fiddle" with the settings of WindowsXP. It also help you to make your computer more efficient, and that's a good thing. All together, the program gives you about 30 tools that will help make your system more stable and more effective. So many functions that I can't cover them all, but I'll try to hit some of the high points. For one, it helps clean out all the junk that accumulates on your computer. It'll clean out Internet files, old files you don't use, and even has a function to find duplicate files. On top of that,there's also a Registry clean that goes in and finds useless entries that add bulk to the Registry. It removes the garbage and then rebuilds the Registry so it's faster and more efficient. Slick!

WinXP Manager also provides the tools to optimize your computers memory and performance. You can monitor the programs that load when Windows starts and remove things that slow your computer down. The program also has a "wizard" that helps you to optimize your computer without needing to be an expert. You can customize the way Windows looks and feels, improve the efficiency of your Internet connection, make your computer more secure, and much more.

WinXP Manager is a powerful tool that both intuitive and easy-to-use. Users with all levels of experience can use the program to make your computer faster, cleaner, and safer. So, if you'd like to fiddle with the setting of Windows XP, and have your computer run faster and more efficiently, take a good look at WinXP Manager. It'smany cool tools in one package. Check it out.

Acronis Power Utilities, by Acronisis another software package that has multiple tools in one program. That's right, it's actually four products in one. The PrivacyExpert Suite blocks pop-up advertising, while also detecting and removing spyware. At the same time, it will remove all of your "tracks"that show what you've been doing on your computer. And it reallycleans up behind you because it doesn't just erase data, it overwrites it so it can't be recovered.

Acronis Power Utilities also includes the Acronis DiskEditor that gives you extended control over your hard disks. With this nifty tool you can recover things that were accidentally deleted,search your hard drive, and lots more. One very cool feature is that the program will work even if Windows won't, so you can boot from a disk or CD. Also included in the package is Acronis Migrate Easy, a program that simplifies the process of setting up a new hard drive or anew computer. The program copies everything, including the operating system, from one hard disk to another. You don't have to worry about settings, favorites, and so on. Really a slick process that makes it easy.

And if all this weren't enough, you also get Acronis RecoveryExpert which you can use if you can't boot your computer. This module can get your computer up and running in no time. All in all, theAcronis Power Utilities are a high-powered package that's still very easy-to-use. Even new users will find the program intuitive. So, if you'd like privacy, the ability to perform tasks on your hard disk,recover from crashes, and more, take the time to look at the Acronis Power Utilities. You won't be disappointed, I recommend it!

QuickTime Player, by Appleis a full-featured multimedia player that's extremely easy-to-use. The program can handle a wide range of both audio and video and it does an impressive job. One cool feature is that the program can automatically determine what speed you're connected to the Internet at. Knowing that the program can give you the best possible quality when it comes to streaming video. Nicely done.

QuickTime Player lets you speed up videos or slow them down,depending on what you need. I also noted that when I resized the screen the scrolling was very smooth. Some players I've evaluated were jerky,but not QuickTime. At the same time the program also give you really excellent audio. It can handle a wide range of music formats including WAV, MP4, MOV, AIFF, and many more. You can actually have up to24 channels of audio which is enough to blow you away. QuickTime can also take full advantage of surround sound. Slick.

QuickTime Player, by Apple, is a powerful tool that's incredibly easy-to-use, there's just no other way to put it. There a lot of power under the hood though, so don't let the slim interface fool you. This baby can play your favorite movie in surround sound that will have your computer shaking. So, if you'd like to have a true multimedia experience, take a look at QuickTime Player. Perfect!

Dr. File Finder Quick Picks
Dr. File Finder Quick Pick

Acronis Privacy Expert Corporate is a slick program that's partof the Acronis Power Utilities that I reviewed above. The program is a powerful tool for detecting and eliminating "spywareon your computer. It combats all manner of evil-doers including Trojanhorses, keyloggers, and even "rootkits".

Dr. File Finder Quick Pick

Battlefield Cribbage is an interesting variation of the classic game. This is one I just had to look at because I've been playing cribbage since I was 8 years old. Battlefield Cribbage takes the original game to a new level and I found it fun. It's perfect for anyone who already knows how to play Cribbage and even for those who don't. One thing I found is that the game involves more strategy than regular Cribbage. So, check it out and I'll get to my complete review soon!

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