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Total Privacy is a powerful tool for maintaining your privacy. Now it's in the Shareware Spotlight, take a look!
Published: Jun 6, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
Shareware Spotlight

In The Spotlight: Total Privacy

by Steven Martins of Pointstone, LLC.

Do you share your personal PC with other individuals like your children,spouse, co-workers or roommates? Total Privacy is a safe and easy-to-useWindows privacy protection tool that securely cleans Internet tracks,system activities and program history information stored on yourcomputer.

Total Privacy removes the history from your Internet surfingand removes all temporary files, cookies, graphics, and even theindex.dat file. The program supports all major Web browsers includingInternet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, and AOL. Beyondthat, it can also eliminate all traces of conversations that occurthrough "instant messages". It even eliminates the records of any filetransfers. Supported instant messaging clients include ICQ, AIM, Yahoo,and MSN Messenger.

Total Privacy prevents your web surfing habits frombeing tracked by cleaning "cookies", but it gives you the option to keepcertain cookies from being removed. In this way you can keep the cookiesthat give you personalized content, log you in to sites, and so on. Youcan even select different cookies for each of the supported Webbrowsers. Beyond Web content, with Total Privacy you can also removedata from a wide range of other areas under Windows including, runhistory, recent documents, the Windows paging file, temporary folders,Media Player history, Microsoft Office, Outlook Express, and much more.

Total Privacy also wipes the free space available on your computer toprevent previously deleted files from being recovered. To make thingseasier you can create "profiles" to clean your system, either at aspecific time or based on an event, like each time your browser closes.For example, you can set up a profile to clean just your InternetExplorer items daily and another profile for all items on your wholesystem say, on a weekly basis.

Total Privacy also offers custom plug-ins for literally hundredsof programs to clean the files, folders, registry entries and otherevidence of your activity left behind by these programs.

Try Total Privacy for yourself. It has been consistently awarded 5/5stars by editors and reviewers alike.

About The Author

Pointstone Software is a leading provider of privacy protection,computer cleaning and performance increasing software for home andbusiness computer users and has won dozens of awards since 1997. Otherproducts by the company include System Cleaner, a computer cleaning,performance increasing and tune-up tool, and MemOptimizer, a tool toimprove computer performance by monitoring memory usage. For additionalinformation, please visit www.pointstone.com or contact us atwww.pointstone.com/support/.

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