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Published: Jul 23, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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Quintura Search 1.5
Download Using Quintura Search, you can create a search scope using a search cloud of tags related...
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Quintura Search, by Quinturais a fascinating program that gives a whole new perspective to Internetsearches. It gives you a "visual" way to see your searches Ifound really interesting. Unlike a regular search that gives you pageafter page of results, Quintura Search gives your results aswhat's called a "cloud" of tags. By clicking on different tagsyou can refine and narrow your search. You can even save a search andshare it. When I first downloaded the program I spent hours just doingsearches and seeing how the program displayed the results. Excellent!

Don't misunderstand, Quintura Search utilizes some of the mostpopular search engines like Google, MSN Search, Yahoo, and others, to dothe searching. What's different and unique is the way the resultsare displayed to you. The program makes it easy to narrow down a searchbecause can remove individual "tags" with a mouse click. You can evenadd tags if you wish. The net result, in my opinion, is that you get theresults you want faster and more easily. The program is reallyeasy-to-use and has an intuitive user interface. It's perfect for bothnew and experienced users.

Quintura Search provides a different approach to Internetsearches and the results you get. The "cloud" of tags really simplifiesthe search process and makes it easier to find what you're looking for.By providing you with results in a "visual map" you can more easily seewhat you're looking for. I also like the fact that you can save yourresults and share them. I found the programs approach to searches, andresults, intriguing and extremely useful. So, it's not only a Pick, butalso a Dr. File Finder Favorite - andthose are few and far between. If you'd like to maximize your Internetsearches you owe it to yourself to try Quintura Search. Irecommend it highly!

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