Picks: Ashampo AntiSpyWare, PDF Creator Plus, Photo Frame Show and more

Dr. File Finder reviews Ashampo AntiSpyWare, PDF Creator Plus, Photo Frame Show, The Mortgage Toolbox, IntroCreator and Kyodai Mahjongg.
Published: Jun 14, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
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Ashampoo Anti-Virus 1.1.1
Download Advanced malware protection that works - Heavy on security, light on resources.
Photo Frame Show 1.0.16
Download Easily add stylish frames to digital photos and enhance your photo albums, desktop,...
MortgageTools Professional 3.2.09
Download Professional Mortgage Tools for the Serious Homebuyer.
IntroCreator 2.60.01
Download IntroCreator makes it increadibly easy to create self-running multimedia presentations of...
Kyodai Mahjongg 2006 1.42
Download In development since 1997, Kyodai Mahjongg has more than enough content to please the...

IntroCreator, by Klaus Schwenk Softwareis a neat product that lets you do fun things with your multimedia content. Using the program you can create impressive multimedia presentations that utilize graphics, text, and audio. I found the program to be easy-to-use with an intuitive interface. That makes it perfect for users with all levels of experience. Your creations can be put on CDs and they will run all by themselves. This provides a great way to create a multimedia brochure, a way to highlight any product, and much more.

IntroCreator is perfect for business purposes, but it's also great for home users. Create your own greeting cards for special occasions, a vacation movie, and lots more. And you get lots of nice options to work with. For example, a good variety of effects for fading in. You can run your presentation in a continuous loop, or just once,it's totally up to you. The program also supports a wide range of graphics and audio formats. Supported graphics include GIF, BMP, JPG,WMF, and more. And with audio, there's support for MP3, WAV, and MID.The program also comes with a player so you can play your presentation and even better, you are free to distribute the play with your presentation. No strings are attached.

IntroCreator is a cool product that's flexible and easy-to-use.It gives you plenty of options so you can create exactly what youwant. You can use it for home and business projects and get some really professional results. So, take the time to check it out for yourself.

Ashampoo AntiSpyWare, by ashampoo GmbH & Co. KGis a slick solution to the problem of "spyware". And it detects and removes all of the various types of malware including keyloggers,pop-ups, adware, and more. Once installed the program works in the background and the program is constantly updated. It's more difficult today to spread those types of infections. Not so with "spyware".

Ashampoo AntiSpyware has been designed to detect and eliminate all types of spyware, including the vicious "rootkits." And if you want, you can set the program to update itself every day. That means you're always protected against the latest threats. The program provides some features not found in similar products. For example, it helps you to monitor programs that start with Windows and remove those you don't want. It can also delete your tracks, block SPAM, monitor system processes, wipe files so they can't be restored, and more.

So, if you want to have total protection against all manner of sinister things circulating around the Internet, take a look at Ashampoo AntiSpyware. It's an anti-spyware product and a whole lot more. Like getting multiple products in one, convenient package.

Battlefield Cribbage, by A Step Beyond Nowherewas one of my Quick Picks a few weeks ago. As I mentioned then,I've always loved Cribbage since my Dad taught me to play when I was 8years old. He had been Cribbage Champion of the Pacific Fleet during World War II, so I learned from one of the best. I think he'd have likedBattlefield Cribbage. In the most fundamental sense it stays true to the classic game of Cribbage. At the same time, however, it adds anew level of intensity. It introduces strategy, which is an interesting concept for Cribbage. Nicely done.

Battlefield Cribbage is easy-to-learn whether you already knowhow to play or not. How do I know? I had a fried who doesn't play Cribbage try it out. The scoring is same with only some minor differences introduced by this games approach. I suppose the biggest difference is that you can see all the cards, which you normally can't in regular Cribbage. In a way, that is where the strategy comes in. You make decisions knowing what the other players have and there can be up to 4 players.

If you're looking for a fun, non-violent game to play, tryBattlefield Cribbage. For those who play Cribbage it's a way to add more excitement and challenge to the game. And if you haven't played Cribbage before, Battlefield Cribbage will get you hooked. It really kicks it up a notch and the introduction of strategy really makes a difference. I like Battlefield Cribbage so much that it's not only a Pick, it's also a Dr. File Finder Favorite and there aren't very many of those. So, check it out for yourself, I think you'll like it.

Kyodai Mahjongg 2006, by René­‡illes Deberdtis an award-winning version of the ancient game of Mahjongg. The game has been around for centuries and has become very popular. Kyodai Mahjongg has been around for quite awhile and is popular with a wide range of users. The program provides you with a variety of cool features, including a variety of backgrounds, neat sound effects, a 3Dand 2D mode, a number of possible layouts, and much more. A very impressive looking game.

Kyodai Mahjongg also has helpful features like undo, just in case you make a mistake. You can even get hints from the game as to how to move forward. Very slick. So, if you'd like to try your hand at the classic tile game of Mahjongg, give Kyodai Mahjongg a try.

Dr. File Finder Quick Picks
Dr. File Finder Quick Pick

PDF Creator Plus is a slick tool for turning documents into Adobe compatible PDF files. It becomes a "printer" so making a PDF file is as easy as telling it to "print" to the program. It's easy-to-use,fast, and efficient. It's loaded with features, so check it out. It maybe the PDF creator you've been looking for!

Dr. File Finder Quick Pick

Photo Frame Show is a slick program for working with all your digital photos. The program makes it easy to print, frame, and even email your photos. You can also use it to make your desktop truly unique by adding pictures to it. Just drag and drop them .... slick! So, if you're into digital photography, take a look for yourself. It may be just what you've been looking for.

Dr. File Finder Quick PickThe Mortgage Toolbox is a complete set of calculators and tools focused around mortgages. Use this package to get the best possible payment on your next house. It can provide a wide range of information including data on taxes, insurance, payment, interest-only scenarios,and lots more. In the market for a house? Take a look for yourself.

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