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LogMeIn Backup is a safe, efficient way to backup your important data. Read all about it.
Published: Jun 22, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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LogMeIn Backup

by Michael E. Callahan aka Dr. File Finder

This question asked by Adam Simpson, Rebecca Anton, Adrian Kingsley,Brian Wesley, Bill Davis, and numerous others.

People who read my articles know that I preach about backing upyour computer. There's no good reason not to and so many reasons whyyou should. Whether you're a home user or a business user, you have dataon your computer that you can't replace. Letters, tax information,photos, your kids homework, and so much more. So, it's imperative thatyou backup your data on a regular basis. I backup to external harddrives that are in my office. The backups run every night.

Many businesses, however, want to backup, but they don't want thebackups kept on the premises. Too much danger of having everything lostif there is a fire or some other catastrophic event. A simple solution: LogMeIn Backup!

LogMeIn Backup is a cool solution that's easy-to-use. Handy"wizards" guide you through the setup and then you're ready to go. WhatI like most is that you stay in control of your

data. I've always had a basic problem with services where you upload your datato their network. With LogMeIn Backup you backup to any othercomputer that you own, use, or have access to.

For example, I've been helping a doctor friend get her office network inorder. One concern of mine was the backups of her critical data. So,we've set up a redundant system that gives her double protection. Backupsoftware does a backup to an external hard drive that's in the office.At the same time, LogMeIn Backup does a backup each night to anexternal hard disk located in my office, 20 miles away. At thedesignated time the program starts up, negotiates the connection, andthe backup begins. When the backup is completed the connection is brokenand all is well.

You could just as easily do this by have LogMeIn Backup do thebackup to a specified computer in your network, or to a hard disk youconnected to the computer of a relative or close friend. The entireprocess is extremely simple. Install LogMeIn Backup on the computer youwant to backup. Pick out the things you want to backup, and schedule itfor a certain time, if desired. The computer that holds the files to bebacked up is the source computer. You install LogMeInBackup on the storage computer where the data will be stored.Fast and easy.

LogMeIn Backup lets you run the backups manually if you want, oryou can set them up on a recurring schedule. And if you need torestore? Very simple indeed. You just open the program, click therestore option, and pick the backup sets you want to restore. Slick!

LogMeIn Backup is safe, convenient, and easy-to-use. You canbackup to a computer in the next room or one on the other side of thecountry, it's totally up to you. And, your data is controlled byyou! No one else. The service is very inexpensive and it can beused by anyone. So, if it sounds appealing to you, check it out foryourself.

I'd like to thank Adam Simpson, Rebecca Anton, Adrian Kingsley,Brian Wesley, Bill Davis, and numerous others for asking this question.Your questions are always welcome.

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