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Tarma QuickInstall is a powerful tool for installing software and now it's in the Shareware Spotlight. Take a look!
Published: Jul 4, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
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Download Quick and easy installers for casual software developers.
Shareware Spotlight

In The Spotlight: Tarma QuickInstall

by Anne Maitland of Tarma Software Research Pty. Ltd.

Software installation doesn't have to be difficult. TarmaQuickInstall: Quick and Easy

Tarma QuickInstall at a glance:

  • Ready-made installer
  • Predefined Setup screens
  • External custom actions
  • Tarma native installers
  • 72KB Installer+Uninstaller

Whether you're a big company, a small company, or just someone who wantsto share his excellent program with other people (and maybe sell a fewcopies), you owe it to yourself to take a look at TarmaQuickInstall. Because there's no reason not to make a painful task aseasy as you can.

Tarma QuickInstall creates fast & friendly software installers forMicrosoft� Windows� 95, 98, Me, NT� 4, 2000, XP and 2003 platforms. Itprovides Windows-compliant installation and removal functionality with asmall distribution size, a straightforward and simple user interface,and smart install and uninstall behavior in 27 languages. TarmaQuickInstall requires no scripting; it includes an intuitive andcomprehensive development environment with extensive preflight checkingto suit novices and experts alike.

Tarma QuickInstall's key benefits:

    Efficient installation

  • Small Setup size (only 65-75 KB) reduces distribution size anddownload time
  • Clean user interface design streamlines the installationprocess
  • Smart installation and uninstallation behavior avoids installationproblems
  • Extensive command line options allow highly configurable unattendedinstallation
  • Efficient development

  • Smart defaults set the correct installation options for virtuallyall installation files
  • Extensive preflight checking catches problemsbefore deployment, not after
  • Simple and repeatable build process (justhit F7) checks and builds your installer in seconds
  • Support for batch operation allows a fully automated buildprocess
  • Reliable

  • Automatic uninstall of previous version avoids versioningconflicts
  • Windows-compliant installation with Windows FileProtection support prevents damage to system files
  • Smart and safe SharedDLLs handling prevents inadvertent removal ofshared files
  • Extensive online help and preflight checks point outpitfalls and gotchas
  • Flexible

  • Support for platform-dependent installation of all installationitems
  • Support for platform- and language-dependent installation ofall files
  • Support for custom actions and third-party (add-on)installers
  • Extension DLLs allow fine-grained customization of theinstallation process
  • Secure

  • Integrated support for digital signatures guarantee the integrityand authenticity of your application
  • Password-based encryption protects your application againstunauthorized installation
  • Easy to use

  • Setup wizard user interface installs your application in only a fewwell-known steps
  • Explorer-like development environment with smart defaults and extensive preflight checking reduces learning time for thedeveloper

Unlimited trial version

To evaluate Tarma QuickInstall, users can download an unlimited trialversion from the company's website. The full version, priced at USD$79for a single license and USD$948 for a site license, beats mostcompetitors' prices. The full version also includes free technicalsupport.

About The Author

Tarma Software Research Pty Ltd. is a software development andconsultancy firm based in Melbourne, Australia. We specialise in object-oriented programming with assembler, C and C++, with the em onhigh-quality, fast and compact code and applications. The company'sslogan is: "Faster. Leaner. Better."

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