Picks: DJ ToneXpress The Ringtone Creator, AlphaChess, Photo Frame Show and more

Dr. File Finder reviews DJ ToneXpress The Ringtone Creator, AlphaChess, Photo Frame Show, MediaMonkey, ABC Image Browser, NeoDownloader and Focus Photoeditor.
Published: Jun 27, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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DJ ToneXpress The Ringtone Creator 4.7
Download Use DJ ToneXpress (now iPhone compatible) to make unlimited customizable ringtones from...
AlphaChess 3.2.5
Download AlphaChess is the perfect chess game to play with your friends or to help you ...
Photo Frame Show 1.0.16
Download Easily add stylish frames to digital photos and enhance your photo albums, desktop,...
MediaMonkey 3.2.3
Download MediaMonkey is the music manager for serious music collectors.
ABC Image Browser 4.8.7
Download This program allows you to browse images from Web sites or from your personal collection.
NeoDownloader 2.4
Download Myriads of photos, video clips and other downloadable files are waiting for you.
Focus Photoeditor 5.1
Download This program allows you to improve your digital...

Photo Frame Show, by Likno Softwareis a slick program for working with all your digital photos. In working with it I found that the program makes it easy to print, frame, and even email your photos. The program is easy-to-use and has an intuitive user interface, and that makes it perfect for all users. You can use the program to create photo albums, Web images, wallpaper, and more. The wallpaper you can create is really cool!

Photo Frame Show lets you drag and drop photos to create really creative and unique wallpaper for your desktop. You can actually put"frames" around your pictures which gives a really nice look. Slick.Anyone who likes digital photos will have fun with this program. It's very flexible and gives you lots of options and features. I used it to revise some graphics files and it was very easy to work with. Perfect for enhancing photos, Web graphics, and more.

Photo Frame Show is a cool tool for doing neat things with your digital photographs. It gives you a wide range of features and some really nice options. So, if you're into digital photos and graphics in general, take a look at Photo Frame Show. You won't be disappointed.

ABC Image Browser, by J3 Technologies, Inc.is another great product for working with images. It's loaded with features and there's a lot of power "under-the-hood". As everyone knows, I'm "graphically challenged" so I need all the help I can get when it comes to graphics. The program makes it easy to get all of your graphics organized. You can pull in new graphics from a scanner, camera,or any TWAIN source. You can also move images around by just dragging and dropping them and your views of folders even include the file sizes of your images. Slick!

ABC Image Browser even has a batch rename feature which can really come in handy. You can also apply all kinds of effects to your images including fade, blur, dissolve, and many more. Remove "redeye", adjust the color, brightness, contrast, rotation, and lots more.This is a total package. Heck, it even has a batch resize option which is very cool for getting photos ready to email. Ahh, and that reminds me of some of the sharing features it supports.

ABC Image Browser makes it easy to share photos via email. You can create slide shows, zoom in and out, magnify just a portion of a graphic, go into full-screen mode, watch animated GIF files, and even have transition sounds. Cool. I like the fact that the program has configurable options and a user interface that you can make the way you want it to be. The interface is intuitive and the program is easy-to-use. You can even set it to "auto-save" your work. Now that's slick. So, here's another product that you simply have to try. And I've provided a convenient download link just for you. Check it out, I think you'll like it.

DJ ToneXpress, by DJ Tone, Inc.is a neat product that helps you to turn your favorite songs intoringtones for you phone. I personally like ringtones because I have different tones for different people. With DJ ToneExpress you can take your songs and make them into ringtones without a lot of hassle.That, in itself, is a nice feature. The program is easy-to-use,intuitive, and perfect for users with all levels of experience.

DJ Tone Express walks you right through the process which consists of three steps. Once you've created a ringtone you have to get it on your phone, otherwise it wouldn't be a ringtone, right? The program can work with a good range of phones manufactured by Samsung,Motorola, Sony, Nokia, and more. So, don't go out and pay for ringtones or follow complex instructions to create your own. All you really need is some music and DJ ToneExpress. Check it out for yourself --you'll be pleasantly surprised. Nicely done!

Focus Photoeditor, by New World Softwareis another good product for working with digital photos and other images. I do seem to be on an image-editor kick today, huh? Well, I was working with some pictures and decided to download some products I hadn't tried before, rather than using my standard program. Turns out I found some good ones. Focus Photoeditor makes it quick and easy to enhance and even correct digital photos. I found it to be easy-to-use with an intuitive interface. Perfect! For everyone.

Focus Photoeditor gives you effects so you can alter how your photos look, and lots of other options that put you in control of your final image. The program has support for over 70 RAW formats for digital cameras. You can do really precise editing with this product, and being graphically challenged I didn't get into that a lot, but it's very cool.You can even edit "layers, cropping a photo exactly where you want, and more.

Focus Photoeditor helps you "retouch" photos, remove red-eye, add effects, adjust contrast, brightnees, and so much more. This is truly a full-featured product that I'd imagine could be used by professional photographers. Don't quote me on that, but it seems to have features not found in other photo-editing products. So, here's another product you can try if you're really into your digital photography. Lots of options,easy-to-use, and very well done!

Dr. File Finder Quick Picks
Dr. File Finder Quick Pick

AlphaChess, as the name might imply, is a nice game of chess. You can play against your favorite opponent or you can play the computer.Another slick feature is that you can play it over a network.Customizeable options, including the board, and quite a bit more. If you like chess, check it out. I'll get to my full review as soon as possible, but don't wait for me!

Dr. File Finder Quick Pick

MediaMonkey is nifty little program for managing your music collection and much more. You can use it to play music, like MP3 files,record CDs, convert music files from one format to another, and more.Make your own playlists and get this, it even syncs with aniPod! Lots of options and features, enough to entrance any real music lover. So, check it out and my full review will follow as soon as possible.

Dr. File Finder Quick PickNeoDownloader is not a program to download "Neo" and save him from "The Matrix", but it is a cool program for snagging pictures,music,and movies off the Web. That's right, why save things one-by-one when you can have this baby download everything off a site. Drag in a link and the program does the rest. It's easy-to-use. So, check it out and I'll get to a full review sometime soon!

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