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TarmaExpertInstall is a power program that's easy-to-use and now it's being featured in the Shareware Spotlight. Check it out.
Published: Jul 25, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
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Tarma ExpertInstall 3.8.3209
Download Tarma ExpertInstall creates native and MSI software installers for Microsoft Windows.
Shareware Spotlight

In The Spotlight: Tarma ExpertInstall

by Anne Maitland of Tarma Software Research Pty. Ltd.

Software installation doesn't have to be difficult. TarmaExpertInstall: Affordable Power

Tarma ExpertInstall at a glance

  • Two installers in one:Tarma and MSI
  • Full-featured and flexible
  • Fully authorable Setup screens
  • Fully authorable installer actions
  • .Net assembly support
  • 75KB Installer+Uninstaller (Tarma)
  • S

Breaking news: Tarma ExpertInstall was the winner of the Shareware Industry Award in the category �Best VerticalMarket Program or Utility�

Whether you're a big company, a small company, or just someone who wantsto share his excellent program with other people (and maybe sell a fewcopies), you owe it to yourself to take a look at TarmaExpertInstall. Because there's no reason not to make a painful taskas easy as you can.

Tarma ExpertInstall creates fast and compact software installers forMicrosoft� Windows� 95, 98, Me, NT� 4, 2000, XP and Server 2003platforms. It provides Windows-compliant installation and removalfunctionality with a small distribution size, a straightforward andsimple user interface, and smart install and uninstall behavior. TarmaExpertInstall requires no scripting; it includes an intuitive andcomprehensive development environment with extensive preflight checkingto suit professional software developers. Version 3.1 supportsinstallation of .Net assemblies.

Tarma ExpertInstall's key features:

  • Support for Tarma native installers and Windows Installers. You cancreate Tarma native installers, Windows (MSI) installers, or both, froma single project.
  • Fully editable installer dialogs and dialog sequences. Using thebuilt-in dialog editor, you can completely redefine any and all dialogsin the installation wizard, add any dialogs that you need, or evenremove all of them completely.
  • Fully editable installer action sequences. You have complete controlover the installer's actions, even to the point (for Tarma nativeinstallers - MSI has its own requirements) that it's not an installer atall, but, for example, a CD-ROM AutoRun menu application.
  • Comprehensive language and localization support. Virtually anypiece of text that is visible to the user can be localized, including,but not limited to: dialogs, messages, file and folder names, shortcuttitles, and registry data. You can build a single installer thatincludes all languages (Tarma native only), or separate installers foreach language (both MSI and Tarma native) from a single project.
  • Unicode through-and-through. The Tarma ExpertInstall developmentenvironment, its project files, and the Tarma native installationdatabase and Setup program are Unicode-based from the ground up toensure that all localization remains intact. (For Windows 95, 98, andMe, an ANSI-based Setup program is supplied, which uses the same Unicodeinstallation database. MSI installation databases are ANSI-based and usecode pages instead of Unicode internally.)
  • Feature- and component-based installation. Following the MSI model,features are pieces of functionality that the user can select forinstallation in a tree-like structure, while components are groups ofinstallation items defined by the developer that must be installed orremoved together.
  • Add-on and update installers. Add-on and update installers allow youto install and remove updates and add-on packages separately from themain application's original installation, while still allowing the mainapplication to be uninstalled together with all its dependants. (Tarmanative installer only.)
  • Import MSI databases and merge modules. Tarma ExpertInstall canimport MSI databases and merge modules, and use the result for bothTarma native and MSI installers.
  • Wide range of installation items. n install files, folders,shortcuts, registry keys and values, INI file values, environmentvariables, file extensions, COM and DCOM classes and servers (includingActiveX controls), type libraries, and services, with a comprehensiverange of options.
  • Small and fast. The Tarma native installer is small (only 75 KB),fast, and has excellent compression, making your installation packagesas compact as possible, thus saving download time and disk space.
  • Extensive preflight checking. More than 450 different preflightchecks spot potential problems before you deploy your installation.
  • Intuitive development environment. An easy to use developmentenvironment with clearly subdivided project sections and pages, plusextensive help and toolbars.

Unlimited trial version. To evaluate Tarma ExpertInstall, userscan download an unlimited trial version from the company's website. Thefull version, priced at USD$189 for a single license and USD$2,268 for asite license, beats most competitors' prices. The full version alsoincludes free technical support.

About Tarma Software Research Pty:

Tarma Software Research Pty Ltd. is a software development andconsultancy firm based in Melbourne, Australia. We specialise in object-oriented programming with assembler, C and C++, with the emphasis onhigh-quality, fast and compact code and applications. The company'sslogan is: "Faster. Leaner. Better."

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