Tell Me About... Windows Vista - Part 1

Gain some insights into WIndows Vista in part one of this two-part article.
Published: Jul 13, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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Windows Vista - Part 1

by Michael E. Callahan aka Dr. File Finder

This question submitted by Anthony Lucriccio, Dennis Walters, AnnaKona, Diane Waltonberger, Annette Reed and numerous others

A number of months ago I did an article on Windows Vista and itwas based on information I had gathered. Today, I've been testing Beta 2of Vista since it was released and I'm better able to speak about it.This brief look into the world of Windows Vista will span two weeks.I'll tell you about some of the interesting, new things and giveyou my personal opinions about the much-talked-about Vista!

A Little Background

Just a little history on Vista. Originally it was only meant to be arelatively minor release. Nothing big. It was code named Longhornand I believe it was supposed to be out sometime in 2003. That, ofcourse, didn't happen. Gradually, what used to be "Longhorn" becameVista, and in many ways it isn't precisely what it started out to be.There were delays and setbacks. But, in defense of Microsoft, havingbeen in the software business for a long time, setbacks are part of thegame.

In my opinion, Windows Vista is a major release that makes manythings better about the way you use a computer. Obviously, that alsomeans you have to learn new things and that tends to slow youdown, but so what? If you get to fly the space shuttle instead of aplane, learning to do so is worth the effort. In my humble opinion,Vista is worth the effort. One of the things I'm considered anexpert on is software, and to me Windows Vista is big step forward.

Is it different? You bet and I'd by lying if I said it wasn't. In someways it reminds me of Windows XP and in other ways it truly seems likesomething new and innovative. I'm not going to gripe about what WindowsVista was supposed to be. We have a saying around here that worksfor us and that is, "It IS what it IS!" The 1963 ChevroletCorvair was "supposed" to have a glove compartment, but they forgot it.I had one and it worked out okay and in 1964 they fixed the oversight.Many things end up being different than they were supposed to beand that's not necessarily a bad thing.

I'll spend the rest of this article giving you a little feel for whatWindows Vista is. Next week I'll fill you in on some of the neat, newfeatures.

Vista: Some Basic Changes

Windows Vista has added a large number of new features and somegreat improvements. They've made it more secure, and that's always agood things. In using it I also think it's very reliable, just asWindows XP has been. I haven't had a "crash" while I've been using it.There are certain areas that Vista are designed to focus on and one ofthose is graphics. It supports the new 3D graphics cards that areaccelerated. It also seems to cater to "media" in general, both audioand graphical. You're going to find games for Vista that will amaze you.And these are games that would never be possible with the existingtechnology. So, gamers should be very happy with Vista.

The networking is quite frankly amazing. I was connected to mynetwork almost without trying. It was really that simple. I was verysurprised by just how easy it was. Home users in particular are going tobe really happy with the new ease of setting up a network. This wholearea seems more secure and more intuitive and I like that.

A New Look

Even if you currently use Windows XP, you'll be amazed at the WindowsVista looks. As I mentioned, part of the focus is around graphicsand new, improved hardware. Well, these capabilities make a wide rangeof things possible. For example, my desktop seems to have more depth toit. The windows look like "glass", seriously. You can see through themand windows also have some new functions. Even icons are better underWindows Vista and you can do so much more. Impressive!

The Start Menu, what can I say? I'm at a loss. They finally gotrid of the irritating menus that could spread all the way across yourdesktop if you weren't careful. Now the menus expand and collapse soit's easier to find and do things.

Windows Vista is going to be a change and I think it's a change forthe better. It's faster, sleeker, and more intuitive than all previousversions of Windows. It has "parental controls" so you can keep yourkids, and yourself, safe while on the Internet.

That's all for this week. Next week I'll take just a peek at some ofthe new things you'll find in Windows Vista. I like it and I think youwill too.

I'd like to thank Anthony Lucriccio, Dennis Walters, Anna and numerous others for askingthis question.

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