Picks: Wondershare Flash SlideShow Builder, AlphaChess and more

Dr. File Finder reviews Wondershare Flash SlideShow Builder, AlphaChess, The Mortgage Toolbox, MediaMonkey, Magic Utilities and Music Library.
Published: Jul 12, 2006
Author: Stacy Reed
Software that can help Good for Cow Rating
AlphaChess 3.2.5
Download AlphaChess is the perfect chess game to play with your friends or to help you ...
MortgageTools Professional 3.2.09
Download Professional Mortgage Tools for the Serious Homebuyer.
MediaMonkey 3.2.3
Download MediaMonkey is the music manager for serious music collectors.
Magic Utilities 2011 6.11
Download Magic Utilities is a cute program designed to make your computer clean and more stable.
Music Library 2.0.957
Download This organizer for your music collection catalogs music both on and off your PC.

The Mortgage Toolbox, by The Mortgage Toolboxis a really full-featured set of tools and calculators for working with mortgages. I tested this program for quite some time and I'm really quite impressed. I could include taxes, figure out "interest only"payments, see what refinancing our existing house would do, and so on.It's my opinion that the program would help many people to work out the best scenarios for themselves. Hopefully that would mean a savings and that's a good thing.

The Mortgage Toolbox can help you figure out those often mysterious closing costs, handles VA and FHA loans, and it's good for all 50 states. The program even comes with advice on refinancing,doing a mortgage, and lots more. Heck, you even get a free credit report, and access to a "coach" who can answer some of your questions. So, if you're planning on getting a mortgage anytime soon or you're thinking about doing some refinancing, take a look at The Mortgage Toolbox. It may be just what you need to save some cash!

AlphaChess, by Marc-Andre Lamotheis a game for you if you like chess. You can play against your friends or you can also play against your computer. I liked the fact that the chess board it totally configurable. Not only can you change the colors, but the program has it's own themes that you can use. Change the color of the pieces, the board, or pick from a number of cool chess sets.

AlphaChess is a "... nice game of chess" as the computer in the movie "War Games" put it.It's got lots of nice features, and I really like the ability configure things. I often get tired of chess games that are always black and white. So, if you like chess take the time to check this baby out. It may be the game for you.

MediaMonkey, by VentisMedia, Inc. is nifty little program for managing your music collection and much more. You can use it to play music, like MP3 files,record CDs, convert music files from one format to another, and more.Make your own playlists and get this, it even syncs with an iPod!Lots of options and features, enough to entrance any real music lover.

MediaMonkey is easy-to-use and has a nice, intuitive user interface. You can edit "tags", find art from albums, and easily manage your entire music collection up to 50,000 files. That's a lot of music. The program handles a wide range of audio format files includingMP3, WMA, WAV, CDA, and many more. It even automatically adjusts the volume so all songs play the same. Believe, that alone is a powerful feature. I think we all have some songs that are too loud and others that are too quiet. MediaMonkey takes care of that.

MediaMonkey can look up information on your music online. You can also rename and organize your music files right from within the program.The program even comes with an "auto-organizer" feature that's really slick. So, if you're into music, take a good, long look at MediaMonkey!

Wondershare Flash SlideShow Builder, by WondershareSoftware is a nice program for creating cool presentations of your photos. What's a bit different with this one is that your slideshow is a "Flash" object. Makes it easy to share your digital photography with family and friends. What it also does is makes it easy to put your photos on the Web. Slick.

Wondershare Flash Slideshow Builder lets you edit and refine your photos. It also comes with over 200 effects, so you can really make your photo presentation special. I found the program to have an intuitive interface and it was easy-to-use. I actually had fun fiddling with all of the different options. I even added my voice to some of my presentations and included music with a few others. Really nice to be able to do that. You can even make your own screensavers that look really wild.

Wondershare Flash Slideshow Builder is easy-to-use, but it has alot of power under the hood. For example, I was able to turn a couple of my "shows" into self-running EXE files. That means you can play them without using any other software, great for taking your own presentation on-the-road. So, if you're into photography, you owe it to yourself to take a look at Wondershare Flash Slideshow Builder. It maybe just the thing for creating your next presentation.

Dr. File Finder Quick Picks
Dr. File Finder Quick Pick

Music Library is a neat program that's really a database that helps you organize and play your music. You can actually catalog your music collection. What's very cool is that you can catalog music that's on your computer and music that's not. Slick. So, if you're into music take a look at Music Library.

Dr. File Finder Quick Pick

Magic Utilities 2006 is a cool tool that helps you clean up your computer. It will help you to clean out all the junk from the Windows Registry. It can detect when new programs are added to your computer,display program information, and lots more.

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