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Adondo Personal Audio Link is a Must Have Application and receives the Tucows Editors Choice Award. Read the article and find out why.
Published: Aug 14, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
Remote access

Personal Audio Link - PAL

by Michael E. Callahan aka Dr. File Finder

Personal Audio Link, or PAL, is a fascinating program that puts you in control of all the information on your computer and more! In this age when information is so valuable, this is a program you'll want to look at and try.

Keeping Up

It seems like we constantly have more information to deal with and more ways to obtain it. First there were the Personal Digital Assistants or PDAs. Then cell phones. Then cell phones combined with PDAs to create "smartphones". There are also pagers, instant messengers, and "Skype" phones. Just carrying some of these things around, and the gear that goes with them, can be a challenge. Chargers, power cords, car chargers, batteries, carrying cases, and more.

Beyond carrying all the gear is trying to use it. Try looking at the weather forecast on your "smartphone" while driving 70 mph and you may end up in a wreck. Trying to read your email on your smartphone may sound cool, but it's not really fun. I have big hands and it's no easy task to "type" on a keyboard that's maybe 3 inches wide. The folks who created PAL have realized this and their solution is nothing short of brilliant.

Getting Information From Your "PAL"

Using PAL you get the information you need right from your computer. All kinds of information. Personal Audio Link installs on your computer and PAL asks if you want a VoIP phone number (at no charge)during the 45-day trial. If so, a private 10-digit phone number is auto-provisioned right into PAL, on the spot. It's fast and easy. There is no waiting. Now, your computer has a phone number and it's a gateway to lots of information.

You train PAL to recognize your voice. You can communicate with PAL while sitting at your desktop or from any phone. For that reason,you can do a voice profile for "local" use and one for "remote" use. To do both only takes about 5 minutes. Right from the beginning you can get a wide range of information, plus you can customize the information that PAL has available.

From sitting in front of my computer OR from a thousand miles away calling in from my cell phone I can have Adondo Personal Audio Link do things like:

  • Read my email
  • Send audio email replies
  • Tell me the weather in Denver
  • Tell me the traffic on I-25 North or E-470 West
  • Read me CNN news
  • Read me my favorite blogs
  • Tell me the weather in Boston
  • Tell me my upcoming appointments
  • Call any contact in my address book
  • Tell me what Ford Motor Company is trading at
  • And lots, lots, more!

I can drive in my car and deal with email, check on appointments, and get the latest news all without touching a button. I call my Personal Audio Link "Friday" after the character in Robinson Crusoe.Yes, you can rename it to something you like. I can be sitting here at my desk and get the same information, which means I can write this article and hear the latest news. It makes me more efficient and it saves time.

I believe that Adondo Personal Audio Link is a wonderful way to get by with fewer gadgets. It's a great way to get information while doing other things, like driving or writing an article. Is it perfect? No, and "Friday" will even tell me that. Ahh, but it's been carefully thought out and beautifully done. I use it all day long, to get information, to check email, to hear the news, and more, while I'm doing other things. It makes my day easier. This is the wave of the future and Adondo Personal Audio Link is truly deserving of the title "Must Have Application". I'm also awarding it the "Editors Choice Award for excellence. Thisis a program you have to try. Download it and see what I mean!

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