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Adondo Personal Audio Link is a powerful tool for getting information from your computer. It's in the Shareware Spotlight so check it out!
Published: Aug 1, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
Remote access
Shareware Spotlight

In The Spotlight: Adondo Personal Audio Link (PAL)

by Kevin Loftus of Adondo Corporation

Personal Audio Link (PAL) is Windows-based PC software thatenables you to call your PC remotely from any cell phone or telephone,and hear the information you need. You just dial a private 10-digitphone number assigned to PAL (your own PC). Then, PAL can read and/orplay to you a wide range of information from Outlook, the Internet, andother sources:


  • Recites your inbound e-mail (filtered and sorted by HotContact)
  • Records your voice, and instantly sends audio e-mailsand e-mail replies
  • Dials any Outlook Contact (using Voice-over-Internet), and connectsyou through
  • Gets calendar and contact information (phone numbers, addresses,etc.)
  • Records personal audio notes (voice recordings), with texttranscriptions
  • Calls you automatically (if desired) for wake-ups, reminders, andurgent e-mails


  • Plays podcasts (e.g., NPR Technology or Wall Street Journal MarketWatch)
  • Provides instant traffic reports for your local highways (covers 41US cities)
  • Retrieves stock quotes, mutual fund quotes, and worldwide weatherforecasts
  • Reads blogs, rss fees (e.g., Wired News), and web pages (e.g.,Washington Post)


  • Recites information from documents and spreadsheets (Word, Excel,text files, etc.)
  • Accesses desk tools: calculator, dictionary, world clock, andcurrency converter

With Adondo Personal Audio Link software, you can call your PCremotely from any cell phone or telephone and access all kinds ofinformation. It's fast, easy, and hands-free, which makes it great inthe car. You also can use PAL locally with a PC microphone andspeakers. PAL uses the Internet rather than a second phone line, andthere's no expensive handheld device that might get misplaced. Importantly PAL is secure: it has no central server, it uses only audiotransmission, and valuable data never leaves your PC.

About The Author

Adondo Corporation is a software company located in Wayne, PA thatdevelops solutions for accessing information on computers remotely

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