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SwordSearch is a Bible study program that's one of Doc's Favorites and now it's also in the Shareware Spotlight.
Published: Aug 8, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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SwordSearcher Bible Software 6.0.1
Download This Bible software provides users with tools to enhance study.
Shareware Spotlight

In The Spotlight: SwordSearcher

by Bramdon Staggs creator of SwordSearcher

SwordSearcher is a Bible study application written to improvethe time you spend in Bible study.

Today, we have access to tons of information about just aboutanything. The problem is organizing that information so that itis useful to you. Having access to hundreds of thousands of pagesof study material is wonderful, but if it's not organizedefficiently, what good does it do you?

SwordSearcher includes hundreds of thousands of pages of studyresources, but rather than just offering you "books on your computerscreen," that information is indexed and organized with the goal ofmaking your Bible study time more rewarding and efficient.

SwordSearcher's "verse-centric" design means that at anytime, you can have instant access to all of the dictionary, topical, andcommentary data that relates to the verse or passage you are studying.This means that you won't need to try to figure out which headings in adictionary relate to a verse � SwordSearcher gives those pages toyou with a click of the mouse.

The purpose of SwordSearcher boils down to "better BelievingBible Study." Among the many benefits (in addition to those describedabove) are:

  • Being able to search the Bible instantly for any word orphrase.
  • Easily copy Bible verses and other material into emails anddocuments.
  • Access to over 50 different study resources, includingcommentaries, dictionaries, topical guides, and books; fromwell-known and trusted authors like Matthew Henry, CharlesSpurgeon, Clarence Larkin, R. A. Torrey, John Wesley, and manymore.
  • Ability to create your own commentaries and topical referencesright in the software.

Features such as pop-up verse references (text of the versesdisplay instantly when you hold your mouse over a link to averse), Strong's Greek and Hebrew lexicon links and definitions,an advanced "Bible margin" system that puts links to all relatedmaterial right next to each verse, and more, make SwordSearcheran ideal Bible study tool, sure to make your study time moreproductive and rewarding.

About The Author

SwordSearcher is designed and programmed by Brandon Staggs.Brandon has been an avid Bible student and computer programmer all ofhis adult life. He started designing Bible software twelve years ago,shortly after graduating High School, and with the help of pastors andteachers who use his software, he continues to improve and refineSwordSearcher.

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