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MemMaid is a powerful tool for your smartphone or PDA and it's also one of Doc's "Favorites". Check it out!
Published: Oct 29, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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  • MemMaid
  • Version: 1.72
  • System Requirements: Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 2003/SE and Pocket PC 2002
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MemMaid by DinarSoft is a powerful little utility that reallyknows how to clean up your smartphone or PDA device. In using asmartphone like a computer you start to run into similar problems. Youhave files build up in the cache for the Web browser, open program usingup precious available RAM, storage cards becoming fragmented, and more. MemMaid is designed to handle these problems and keep your deviceworking smoothly.

MemMaid removes things like IE cache files, history, cookies, bookmarks, useless shortcuts and Registry entries, email attachments, log files, and more. Not only can it delete them, it can wipe them so they can't be recovered. The program can also help you to closeprograms that are running and taking up precious RAM. If the programjust had the ability to clean out useless files and free up memory, itwould be worth it, but it can do so much more.

MemMaid gives you the power to control programs that start whenyour device starts.You can add items, remove items, and even determinewhat order they load in. You can also use MemMaid to reduce the size ofthe Pocket Internet Explorer cache, change where Pocket IE stores it'scache, work with the font cache, and more. One really slick feature inMemMaid is the ability to move a slider and alter the memorythat's available for storage and running programs. This gives youcomplete control.

MemMaid is simply packed with neat tools to keep your"smartphone" or PDA running smoothly. It can work with plugins, find andremove databases, do wildcard searches, and more. If you have a PDA or smartphone this is a program you must have. For all these reasons,MemMaid is not only one of my Picks, but it's also one of my Dr. File Finder Favorites and there aren'tvery many of those. Take a look for yourself and you'll see what I mean.I recommend it highly.

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