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iCueMix is a great program for creating playlists you'll like listening to. Read all about it.
Published: Nov 12, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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Favorites LogoA Dr. File Finder Favorite -- iCueMix

iCueMix, by Exabre Limitedis a program that caught my eye because it had a catchy name. What doesit do? Well, it helps you to create cool playlists for your music. Ahh,but not just any playlists, these are special. When I first ran theprogram it scanned the music on my computer. In doing so it got an ideaof the kind of music I like to listen to. The program works on your PCin conjunction with iTunes from Apple and I really like theconcept.

In iCueMix I picked a couple of songs and based on that input itgenerated a playlist. I liked every song on that playlist, so I tried itagain. Not only does it work on my PC, but the playlists are copied tomy iPod. I had the program on my machine for some time and beingthe scientific type I just had to experiment. What I found is that theprogram got smarter the more I used it. For example, I found that if Iskipped a song it was less likely to be included in a future mix. At thesame time the songs I always listened to all the way through were putin future mixes. Slick!

I don't know about you, but I often create playlists and then findmyself skipping over certain songs. Then it's back to the drawing board,redoing the playlist and reburning a CD. With iCueMix I've likedevery playlist it's created and I really like the way it interfaces withiTunes and my iPod. I actually kind of enjoyed having the program createthe lists and put them on my iPod. So, if you have a music collectionand you'd like some intelligent help in creating playlists, takea good look at iCueMix. I like it so well that I'm making it notonly a Pick, but also a Dr. File Finder'sFavorites and there aren't very many of those. If you likemusic be sure to check it out. Excellent!

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