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Having trouble with spam? Read this article and find out why ChoiceMail One is a Must Have Application.
Published: Aug 28, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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ChoiceMail One by DigiPortal

by Michael E. Callahan aka Dr. File Finder

It's All About Junk!

SPAM. Junk email. Unsolicited email. It's become a curse to everyone who uses email for communication. Spam is comprised of a wide variety of things meant to entice you. Get-rich-quick offers, ways to buy Viagra and Cialis, links to sexual escapades, land deals, photos, special offers, and much more. All of it is junk! So,what to do about it?

A Basic Premise

If you think about email for a minute the basic criteria is quite simple. You want to receive all of the email you want, you donot want to receive any of the junk, and you want to be able to get emails from people you just met. New friends for example. How?

Choice Mail One: The Solution!

Enter Choice Mail One by DigiPortal. It takes the basic premise and runs with it. YOU take control of your email inbox.You decide what emails get through. It doesn't sit there and try to filter your email, but it follows some very basic rules. It's a "challenge-response" or "permission-based" system. It works!

ChoiceMail One uses your email address book to create a"white list" of the people you want to receive email from.Everything else is blocked. So, if you know me and you send me an email, it comes right through. You, the sender, can't tell any difference. Now, to help take into account those "new friends" I mentioned, each time I send an email to someone not in my address book, they are also added to the white list. The program also lets me create rules that allow other mail to get through even though the sender isn't on my white list. For example, I play guitar soIve created a rule that allows any email that has "guitar" in it.Slick.

Okay, so far we've covered the people you know and new people that you've sent email too. What about all the other email that's sent to you? ChoiceMail One puts it in quarantine and sends an email to each sender. The email basically asks the sender to register by going to a Web page and entering their name and email address. They're also asked to say why they're contacting you and to do a little task. Why? Well,because the majority of SPAM is sent out by automated systems and they won't respond to the request or be able to do the task.

Now, if a sender responds to the request, I get a pop-up window that shows me their name, email address, and why they wrote me. I can approve it, deny, and so on. In using the program I've found out that this registration feature is an option that can be turned off. Not me, I like the fact that the sender has to confirm who they are.

I've found that this system works. It makes it easier for me and easier for those who email me. I've tried virtually every anti-SPAM program available and they all have flaws. Other programs have white lists, blacklists, rules, filters, and they try to guess what is SPAM and what isn't. ChoiceMail One doesn't guess. I either know you or I don't. You're either human or an automated system. You either respond or you don't. It's that simple.

More Features

It would be great if ChoiceMail One just stopped all the SPAM,but it also has some other neat features. One of these is what is called an auto-responder. You can turn it on when you go away on a trip or vacation. If someone emails you they get a message saying you're gone. Each person only gets one such message no matter how many emails they send you. When you get home you turn off the auto-responder and read your emails. Very cool.

Another neat feature found in ChoiceMail One is called"virtual email addresses." This is an email address you create for use with companies that may use automated emails. For example, if a company you've ordered something from sends out an automatic responseChoiceMail would normally block it. If you use a virtual email address, however, those responses are allowed through. Really a very cool concept. At the same time if you find that a virtual email is being spammed, you just get rid of it. Slick.

Summing It Up!

ChoiceMail One is a great solution to your SPAM problem. It allows the emails you want, blocks the junk you don't want, and takes into account those new people you may meet. It works quietly in the background and it puts you in control of your email. It provides you with a handy "auto-responder" and "virtual email addresses" as well.

On the Internet today, ChoiceMail One is absolutely a "Must Have Application!" . I'm also giving it the "Editors Choice Award" for excellence. You owe it to yourself and your family to try it for yourself. I give it my highest recommendation!

Note: Throughout this article I've talked about ChoiceMail One.This is the trial version of the program that you can register. There is also a "free" version that you can use. Below I've provide a like to both ChoiceMail Free and ChoiceMail One.

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