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Published: Aug 31, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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by Michael E. Callahan aka Dr. File Finder

This question submitted by Jana Stevens, Jocelyn Brant, Bob Adams,Joe Vincent, Betty Schmidt, and numerous others

Many of the people who asked this question mentioned that they'd seen acommercial for GoToMyPC on television. I've also seen the TVcommercials, but I also use the product. So, it's my pleasure to tellyou about it.

In a number of articles I've talked about how to access your PC fromremote locations using the Remote Desktop feature of Windows XP.You can also access other computers utilizing a VPN or VirtualPrivate Network connection. GoToMyPC, however, is a servicethat lets you access remote computers from any browser, including awireless connection. That can be a real plus. There's a version for homeusers, professionals, and corporate use. My account supports accessingthree computers.

So, I can log into one interface and any of these computers. Forexample, I help out the folks at Podiatry Associates so I can log intotheir server and do a wide range of tasks.

GoToMyPC is perfect for users with all levels of experience,but it may be particularly appealing if you don't really understandRemote Desktop. GoToMyPC lets you access computers from anywhere. I likethe fact that the product works with my firewall without my having to doanything. Yes, I know how to use Remote Desktop as well asproducts like RealVNC, but GoToMyPC doesn't require thatyou have any understanding of ports, IP addresses, and the like.

GoToMyPC is really secure for a number of reasons. You login toa Web site that is SSL encrypted. You connect to your machines via 128-bit AES encryption. You use more than one password, one for your accountand one for accessing your computer, plus any passwords on the computer.The access code isn't stored on any computer and it'snever transmitted. SECURE!

GoToMyPC makes it easy to connect to your computers remotely andget some real work done. I like the fact that it doesn't have to beconfigured which means virtually anyone can use it. Use it on a businesstrip, on vacation, and use it from anywhere.

GoToMyPC has lots of cool features not the least of which isexcellent performance. The product is fast and gives youthe ability to transfer files, print, lock the host keyboard, and evenblock the host screen. When you're done working, just log off of theservice and you're done.

GoToMyPC is an excellent service, in my opinion, and makes itpossible for nearly anyone to access a computer remotely. It's safe,it's secure, and it's fast. THere's a 30-day free trial, so check it outfor yourself.

I'd like to thank Jana Stevens, Jocelyn Brant, Bob Adams,Joe Vincent, Betty Schmidt, and numerous others for askingthis question.

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