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If you're looking for a way to keep your dates and appointments organized, your search ends here!
Published: Aug 29, 2006
Author: Stacy Reed
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Remind-Me 8.4
Download Remind-Me tracks and reminds you of important events before they occur.

If you're looking for a way to keep your dates and appointments organized, your search ends here! Remind-Me is a great little application that reminds you of holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or any scheduled event in a number of different ways. Each event is customizable, allowing you to choose how and when you would like to be alerted. You can choose to be notified in advance or not at all, it's completely up to you! You can see the dates in a traditional calendar, or it can alert you whenever your computer starts. You can customize the program to send you alerts at a specified time or through email. You can even set it up to email a third party, say one of your friends on their birthday. What's more, if you have a microphone, you can record and attach personal audio greetings!

Remind-Me displays your appointments and schedule as a list, as they appear in a month calendar, or in a yearly calendar. I really like how the the data can be sorted based on the information in any column when viewed as a list. Keyboard shortcuts and the ability to drag and drop events make this program easy and fun to use. The calendar can be customized to any color scheme you prefer. The developer offers additional plug-ins that let you synchronize your data with Palm and Outlook. These conduits support both 1 way overwrites and also full 2-way mirror image synchronization. You can even perform backups of your event data, which makes this little unobtrusive application tops in my book! I highly recommend it! You'll never forget another event or special occasion again!

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