Picks: FileCrypt Desktop Pro, iDo Wedding Couple Edition, IDimager Professional Image Manager, Novagraph Chartist Flowchart, and more

This week Doc looks at software for managing images, securing data, working with MySQL, and more.
Published: Sep 6, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
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FileCrypt Desktop 2.0
Download FileCrypt Desktop allows you to communicate and exchange information securely with other...
iDo Wedding Couple Edition 9.5b
Download This wedding planner includes a Web-like interface providing navigation to any of the 10...
IDimager Personal Image Manager
Download This program helps you organize and catalog thousands of photos in a hierarchical label...
Novagraph Chartist Flowchart 5.1
Download A comprehensive flowchart and org charting package for Win 2000,XP.
Navicat (MySQL GUI Client) 11.0.4
Download Convert Excel spreadsheets, MS Access and other data formats to MySQL databases.
Talisman Desktop 3.3
Download Talisman Desktop is a desktop manager and shell-replacement for Windows 9x/ME and...

IDimager Professional Image Manager, by idFOX Holding BVis a really powerful program for working with digital images and photos.You can use it to organize your photos, edit them, even email them to friends and family. It can bring in photos from digital cameras, display slide shows, and even put your images up on the Web. I found the program to be very easy-to-use with an intuitive user interface. To me that makes it perfect for users with all levels of experience. The program comes in a "Personal" version as well, for those whose needs aren't as complex.

IDimager Professional Image Manager helps you to downloadyour images onto your computer and categorize them at the same time.Really very slick. You can add descriptions, put images in other folders, and lots more. The program even supports download scripts that can quickly process large numbers of folders in a variety of ways. If you're really into images and photos, or do it professionally, this maybe just what you need to get all your images in shape. Check it out!

FileCrypt Desktop Pro, by Veridisis a utility program that uses Public Key Encryption to encrypt data on your personal computer. You can also use the program todigitally sign important files or email. The program has an intuitive interface and it's easy-to-use. Perfect for both new and experienced users. The program not only generates "keys" but it manages them for you which is a nice feature. Speaking of nice features, if you use Outlook there's even a plug-in that will automatically protect all of your email. Slick.

FileCrypt Desktop Pro can also become a "shell extension" which means you can easily encrypt files using the right-click menu. You can also create self-extracting encrypted files and what a great feature that is. The program helps to authenticate things you send by using a digital signature. Once a digital signature is applied a file can't be changed, so it's similar to signing a document when you send it. The program also comes with shredder function that will delete files so there is no possibility of recovery.

FileCrypt Desktop Pro is a full-featured program for encrypting,decrypting, and securely erasing files. You can use it to digitally sign documents and emails so recipients know a document is from you and that it's just how it was sent. It has a plug-in for Outlook,maintains and generates encryption keys, and uses the popular Public Key Encryption standard. So, if you want to make sure your documents and email are secure be sure to check it out. Nicely done.

Navicat (MySQL GUI Tools), by PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.is a clever tool for working with MySQL databases and servers. Unlike some other products, it supports all versions of MySQL so it'll work with whatever you have. It's a powerful program, but it's also easy-to-use.That assumes, of course, that you have an understanding of MySQL. The interface is intuitive enough that even newer users should be able tou se it just fine.

Navicat MySQL GUI Tools even supports more than one MySQL at a time and they can be connected either locally or remotely. The program doesn't even care what operating system the MySQL server is running on and can handle MySQL servers running on Mac, UNI, or Linux. That makes the program really flexible and I like that. This most recent version can also handle HTTP and SSH tunnels as well as being able to provide the key for SSH tunnels. You can generate reports and save them, schedule a variety of tasks, and import data from all of the most popular formats, including Access, XML, PDF, Excel, and more.

Navicat MySQL GUI Tools is a great program for administrators,developers, and others who work with MySQL databases and servers. It has all the features you need without having a lot of clutter. So, if you have to deal with MySQL, take the time to check out this handy tool. It may become a permanent part of your toolkit.

Dr. File Finder Quick Picks
Dr. File Finder Quick Pick

Novagraph Chartist is a slick program for creating both diagrams and charts. I'm "graphically challenged " and even I can use it. You can control text formats, symbols, and lots more through the use of"property sheets." I also like that you can easily put the things you create into other programs. This baby makes it easy for anyone to draw flowcharts.

Dr. File Finder Quick Pick

iDo Wedding Couple Edition looks like a cool tool for planning a wedding. What's neat about it is that it "thinks" of everything so you don't have to. It helps you with guest lists, and lots, lots, more. This is a great gift for brides, or grooms, or even a smart gift to buy yourself if you're planning your own wedding

Dr. File Finder Quick Pick

Talisman is a very cool tool for making Windows look the wayyou want it to look. Use it to create your own interfaces on the Windows desktop. It's really very well done and it's got even better since it first came out. If you'd like to try your hand at changing the face of Windows, this is a program you should use. Try it!

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