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Have you ever found the need for a customizable application that can help you keep inventory of the items you own?
Published: Sep 5, 2006
Author: Stacy Reed
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Have you ever found the need for a customizable application that can help you keep inventory of the items you own? Maybe you need to create a list of valuables to insure against fire or theft. Perhaps you need a way to keep track of the CDs you loan to friends, or estimate the value of your KISS figurines and memorabilia collection. If you're like me, you know the importance of keeping an updated inventory of your belongings but you've probably been putting it off because you suspect it will be a long and boring data entry process.

Well, the folks at Mycroft Computing feel our pain and developed a software application called Everything I Own! that allows you to keep track of inventory around the house or in the work place. Customizing the program to suit your own inventory needs is quick and very easy. With this user-friendly software, you can list an item's purchase price, replacement cost, warranties, location, condition and where it was purchased. You can even store pictures for each of the items. What's more, Everything I Own! has excellent searching and filtering capabilities so looking for particular items is a breeze.

I really like having the choice of printing single item reports or the whole database at once. The feature I like most though is that Everything I Own! reminds you to backup your inventory data if you have added or edited records before you close the program or change to another inventory file. Backing up and restoring your data is a quick and painless process too. I'm using this program to create an inventory of our multiple computers and their parts for insurance purposes. I've also decided to create aseparate inventory just to organize our vast collection of books! You can use Everything I Own! to track everything you own too!

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