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Published: Nov 26, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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Newsman Pro
Download This is a multi-threaded newsreader that supports all Usenet text and binary newsgroups.
Favorites LogoA Dr. File Finder Favorite -- Newsman Pro

Newsman Pro, by NewsMan Prois a full-featured newsgroup reader that's also easy-to-use. Theinterface is clean and clear and very intuitive. I think the program isperfect for users with all levels of experience. It can handle both textand binary newsgroups as well as multiple news servers. It can alsohandle NZB files and lets you import them easily. I found the programdoes everything you need with attachments as well as providing you withpowerful filtering capabilities. Utilize filtering to quickly findexactly what you're looking for based on a wide range of criteria.Nicely done!

Newsman Pro also includes a scheduling feature that will go outand access your newsgroups for you. While testing it out I had theprogram run every night so when I came to work in the morning the latestmessages were right there waiting for me. Another very cool feature isthe ability to automate processes so you don't have to do them.For example, you can have Newsman Pro keep or delete messagesbased on your specified criteria. This makes it a real time-saverbecause the news you get is just the news you want. You can also createvirtual newsgroups that let you browse multiple related newsgroups allat the same time. Again, another great time saving function. Slick!

Newsman Pro is everything you really need in a news reader. Theinterface is easy-to-use and the interface is intuitive and functional.The program is simply loaded with excellent features that make ita real powerhouse for accessing text and binary newsgroups. I've lookedat a number of similar programs and the only one that comes close isAgent by Forte,Inc., which is what I've used for years. NewsmanPro really outclasses the competition with lots of automation,scheduling, support for NZB, filtering, rules, virtual newsgroups, andlots more. I like it so much that it's not only a Pick, but I'm makingit a Dr. File Finder Favorite and thoseare few and far between. So, if you're looking for a program to accessnewsgroups with, take a look an Newsman Pro. I recommend it.

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