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Test Pro Developer is an impresive product for developing and deploying test and surveys. Read about it now.
Published: Dec 10, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
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Test Pro Developer, by Atrixwareis a great tool for creating your own testing and surveys. Focusing onthe area of "eLearning" the program makes it easy to put togetherfull-featured tests or surveys. This is perfect for teachers, people whohome school, and so on. What's really cool is that you can have theprogram randomly generate a test from a topic and can even alter thepositions of the possible anwsers, but the positions of the questions aswell. At the same time, Test Pro Developer will also print out ananswer key so you can correct the test. Cool! Ahh, but there's more.

Test Pro Developer also offers a feature where you can createself-correcting test. How cool is that? In my opinion, very cooland a real time-saver as well. The test give you the results at the endand it doesn't just give you a score or a percentage. Nope, it tells youwhat you got wrong and why. I'm extrapolating, but it seems to me thatonce you get a good number of topics and questions created, you couldcreate a large number of tests quite easily. Even custom tests. Tellthe program how many questions, that the topic is "Biology" and viola,you have a biology test. Wow!

Test Pro Developer is one of those rare programs that I like assoon as I install it. It's different, it's unique, and I think it canserve an important purpose. The program can create a wide range of testsand surveys, auto-correct them, randomize them, and lots more. It letsyou create custom surveys that are displayed in Web pages and theresponses are sent to you by email! I'm going to try it out for theShareware Industry Awards Foundation for gathering demographics. Thisproducts, and other products by the company, have the ability to helpeducate and teach people of all ages. So, for all these reasonsand more, it's a Pick and a Dr. File FinderFavorite. Not many of those in 25 years of reviewing softwareand I do two in one day. Impressive. So, if you're in business oreducation, if you're a teacher or a CEO, if you're someone who justneeds to teach something or learn something, this is a productyou need to try. I recommend it highly!

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