Spotlight on Zoner Photo Studio 8: How to edit images easily

Zoner Photo Studio 8 is a full-featured program for working with photos and today it's in the Shareware Spotlight. Read all about it!
Published: Oct 10, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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In The Spotlight: Zoner Photo Studio 8

by Libor Malach of Zoner Software

Got a digital camera? Love taking pictures with it? Great! But takingpictures is one thing and getting real use out of them is another! Youwant a tool to download, edit, organize, and publish your photos,because if you don't have such a tool, you might as well not havebothered taking the pictures. Your camera software usually isn't that tool because it's too primitive. A program like Adobe Photoshop isn't that tool because it's too complicated.

Zoner Photo Studio is suited to be the tool you need forthe whole job of photo processing. With Zoner Photo Studio:

  • You can take your photos from any camera, from a scanner, from awebsite, and more!
  • You can remove typical photo defects using either tools for beginners or professional-quality tools like direct histogramlevels/curves editing.
  • You can add cool effects, from simple things like text overlays and stained-glass effects up to things like turningyour photos into a 3D image or a panorama!
  • You can add picture information to your photos and can browse among,organize, archive, and find them, even years later, and, thanks to theMedia Archive feature, even after you've moved them onto CD.
  • You can publish in just about any way you'd ever publish a photo from acomputer to CD, to a slideshow, to a Web gallery, or to paper directlyor as a part of a calendar, greeting card, contact sheet, or many otheroptions!

Many of the program features in Zoner Photo Studio do the work ofwhole other programs. Some programs similar to Zoner Photo Studio make you pay for add-ons just to get what's included right in the ZonerPhoto Studio from the start. Give Zoner Photo Studio a tryand you'll see that it's all you'll ever need for working with photos.

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