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Dekart Private Disk gives you a way to create secure, encrypted "discs" on your computer and more. Read about it today in the Shareware Spotlight.
Published: Oct 31, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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Dekart Private Disk 2.12
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Shareware Spotlight

In The Spotlight: Dekart Private Disk

by Irina Oltu of Dekart

If you are looking for a way to protect your important files, DekartPrivate Disk is an excellent choice. Not only will it accomplishyour initial objective, but it will also give you a number of usefulfeatures that will make your life easier and more secure.

The program's interface is straightforward, making it very easy tocreate a new encrypted "disk", which other applications will treat as ifit were a normal disk drive. This means that any software you have can takeadvantage of Private Disk's top-notch encryption features.

Speaking of encryption, Private Disk uses the AES 256-bit algorithm, theimplementation of which was certified by NIST. This proves that the guysat Dekart treat data security with the highest possible level ofseriousness.

One of the things which I love about Private Disk is that itdoesn't mess with my freedom:

  • I can create an unlimited number of virtual encrypted disks and use them at the same time, making it easy tocategorize data
  • I can use the program directly from literally any type of removabledisk
  • And on top of that, updates are free.

The authors of the program made it very functional, such that it candeal with many real-world problems with just a few clicks:

  • There is a built-in encrypted backup option
  • The program can be easily deployed to a removable disk
  • There is a secure data wiping procedure
  • Autorun and Autofinish can automate many actions
  • The program can work in a silent mode, leaving no traces of itsactivity, except the presence of virtual disks, which can be quicklydismounted by pressing a hotkey.

Dekart's knowledgebase provides a lot of interesting material aboutPrivate Disk, which explains how the program's functionality canbe further extended, without other expenses. The program is verywell-supported, and the fast and informative responses of the supportteam will definitely make you feel confident about the safety of yourdata.

I can say that Private Disk is one of the most consistentsoftware products I have ever seen. It has a clean and intuitiveinterface, a comprehensive manual, it is very well supported, andfinally - it is extremely secure. The newest versions provide a uniquemechanism called Disk Firewall, which is a way to proactively protectyour files from malicious programs. Now you don't have to resolve yourproblems, you simply don't have them anymore! Disk Firewall is aninnovative concept, not found in similar products, Dekart scored it withthis one! Give Dekart Private Disk a try.

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