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Find out more about Personal Audio Link (PAL) software that lets you get information from your computer from any phone.
Published: Sep 28, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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PAL - Personal Audio Link

by Michael E. Callahan aka Dr. File Finder

This question submitted by Jocelyn Avery, Rich Burns, Adam Gardello,Jenny Smith, Ryan DeVille, and numerous others

In the last month or so I've received quite a few emails asking me aboutthe program Personal Audio Link or PAL. This program wasfeatured in a Shareware Spotlight article and later I also made it a "Must Have Application" and gave it theTucows Editors ChoiceAward for Excellence. Since the time of those articles, however,PAL had gotten even better. For those who are unclear about whatthe program does or how it works, I'm here to tell you all about it.

Personal Audio Link, in my opinion, is an amazing piece ofsoftware that lets you interface with your computer. You can dothis right at your desk, but better yet you can get this information viaphone. Think about that. If you can get your email, get the latest news,find out the latest weather, and lots more, why would you need aPDA? A "smartphone"? A laptop? You could go on a trip and be able toaccess your computer from anywhere.

The latest version of PAL, which is 1.1, provides you with even morefunctionality. You can now assign a wide variety of PAL functions toyour cellphone keys, giving you yet another way to use PAL.

Now, with the ability to define keys on my phone to perform differenttasks I can work with Personal Audio Linkin a variety of ways.I've programmed the various keys to do initiate the functions I usemost. Really very handy.

PAL can provide a wealth of information while you're sittingat your desk. I have it running all the time and I find it invaluable. Ican say, "Read CNN News" and the program, which I call "Friday"reads me the news. I can say, "What's the weather in Atlanta?" and ittells me. If I'm leaving to go to an appointment I can ask, "What's thetraffic on E-470 West?" and I get the complete breakdown. All thesethings are handy when I'm sitting at my desk, but when you can get thisinformation from any phone, it kicks things up a notch.

Driving in my car I can call my computer in my office. That's right, Icall my computer which has a phone number in conjunction with PAL. Thisgives me a gateway to all my information. I can have PAL read me myemail messages. Check the weather forecast, tell me how the traffic ison I-25, and more. I can even send audio email messages and replies.

I personally don't look at PAL as "talking to my computer." To me,Personal Audio Link is serving as an intermediary between me andthe information on my PC. The fact that I can speak my commands and haveinformation read to me is the icing on the proverbial cake. Whilewriting this article I've had "Friday" (my name for PAL) read me thelatest news, give me the weather, and find out how the traffic is for mywife. PAL really shines, however, when you're on the move.

Personal Audio Link gives you the ability to get information fromyour own computer, anywhere in the world, with just a telephone. That,to me, is pretty amazing. The next step in the evolution of man andcomputers. I've provided links below to both the latest version of PAL,and the original version. Remember, the "TouchTone" key feature is inversion 1.1. I hope this has explained how PAL works and what it can do.It's an impressive program and you should give it a try and see what Imean.

I'd like to thank Jocelyn Avery, Rich Burns, Adam Gardello,Jenny Smith, Ryan DeVille, and numerous others for askingthis question.

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