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Merry Christmas. The iDO Wedding Couples Edition is one of Doc's "Favorites" and he selected it for your Christmas Day enjoyment. Check it out.
Published: Dec 24, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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iDo Wedding Couple Edition 9.5b
Download This wedding planner includes a Web-like interface providing navigation to any of the 10...
Favorites LogoA Dr. File Finder Favorite -- iDO Wedding Couple Edition

iDo Wedding Couple Edition, by Elm Softwareis a full-featured program for planning everything for yourwedding. Like invitations. You add all of your contacts and put innames, addresses, email addresses, and so on. In testing it out Ithought it was clever that the program has you save each person as anindividual and not as a couple. So, for example, my wife and I wouldeach have our own entry. Pretty slick. Makes it easier to trackinformation for each person, like their meal choice, for example.

iDO Wedding Couple Edition can import contacts from any comma-delimited file (CSV), which makes it easy-to-do. I also liked the factthat you could send out an email to everyone in your guest listreminding them to set your wedding day aside. Kind of like a "heads-up"to all the people on your list. The program also keeps track of RSVP's.How cool is that? It generates an ID for each person and you includethis on the invitation. Makes it easy to track exactly who responded andwho didn't.

iDO Wedding Couple Edition takes care of all the details. Theinterface is intuitive and it's easy-to-use, perfect for users with alllevels of experience. Use it to track gifts, expenses, create timelines, and much more. It's obvious to me that the creators really gave a lot ofthought when creating the program. It's been 30 years since I gotmarried, but to me iDO Wedding Couple Edition covers all the bases. Ilike it so much that it's not only a Pick, but I'm also making it one ofmy Dr. File Finder's Favorites andthose are few and far between. So, if a wedding is in your future, thisis a program you should look at. I recommend it.

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