Must Have Application - Parallels Workstation for Windows and Linux

Parallels Workstation for Windows and Linux is a powerful and cost-effective application for anyone interested in working with virtual machines. Read all about it.
Published: Oct 2, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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Parallels Workstation

by Michael E. Callahan aka Dr. File Finder

Part of the editorial series on virtualization.

Parallels Workstation: One Machine. Multiple Operating Systems.Unlimited Possibilities.

That's the slogan on the Parallels Web site and I think it fits. I've been working with Parallels Workstation and it's a very powerful tool for creating and working with "virtual machines." The product is easy-to-use and has a very intuitive user interface. Let's take a look at some of the things that make Parallels Workstation such an impressive product.


Parallels Workstation is a full-featured virtualization solution.I found the product to be very stable and remarkably easy-to-use.Installed on the host computer Parallels Workstation utilizes the hardware for each virtual machine. Every "virtual machine" has it's own RAM, hard disk space, DVD drives, and so on.

Every aspect of a virtual machine is clearly seen, as shown in the screen shot. You can see how much disk space is allocated, how much RAM,what the boot sequence is, and much more. The properties of the virtual machine can be easily edited and other devices can be added.

Some Unique Features

The Parallels Workstation utilizes a technology known as"hypervisor" to give great stability to each virtual machine. A hypervisor works to directly control the hardware on the host machine so each virtual machine is more efficient. The hypervisor works extremely well with the newest CPU's from both AMD and Intel. The hypervisor technology is not found in any of the other virtualization software I tested.

Another unique feature found only in Parallels Workstation is support for both Windows and Linux. That means that the same package can be installed in both Windows and Linux systems.

Parallels Workstation also supports a wide range of guestoperating systems, including all versions of Microsoft Windows. It also supports all of the most popular iterations of Linux, like Mandriva,Xandros, SuSE, Red Hat, and many more.

Summing It Up!

Parallels Workstation is extremely intuitive and easy-to-use. In my opinion it's perfect for both corporations and home users. With a price of just $49.99 US it's by far the most cost effective solutions for anyone wanting to get into virtualization. Parallels Workstation is fast, efficient, and intuitive. I particularly like the screen that shows precisely what each virtual machine is comprised of. Every virtual machine I created ran like a champ and gave me optimum performance.

In the area of virtualization, Parallels Workstation is absolutely a "Must Have Application!" .I'm also giving it the "Editors Choice Award" for excellence. You owe it to yourself to give it a try. I give it my highest recommendation!

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