Picks: Advanced Task Scheduler, Network Configuration Management, Registry Mechanic, Timesheet Xpress, Offline Explorer Pro, Microangelo Toolset

Doc reviews Registry Mechanic, Timesheet Xpress, Offline Explorer Pro and Microangelo Toolset
Published: Oct 18, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
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Advanced Task Scheduler 5.1 Build 701
Download Advanced Task Scheduler is a multifunctional task scheduler, which allows you to automate...
Registry Mechanic 9.0
Download This is an advanced registry cleaner for Windows that can clean and repair problems with...
Timesheet Xpress 2015
Download Award winning timesheet tracking software, cost effective solution to managing projects...
Offline Explorer Pro 6.8
Download Offline Explorer Pro - download whole sites, online image galleries, forums and media...
Microangelo Toolset 6.10.7
Download Create and edit icons for all Windows platforms, including Windows Vista, with Toolset's...

Network Configuration Management, by Missilesoftis a nice utility for working with your network. Actually it's more like a package of utilities. Built right in it has functions like ping,Who Is, and Trace Route. These are really handy for gathering basic information and they work really well. One feature that's really useful is the ability to recover passwords you've lost. You know how most passwords appear as a line of asterisks? Well, Network Configuration Management reveals your passwords for you. Nice.

Network Configuration Management also has a built-in Task Manager along with a Bandwidth Monitor. These help you to really see what's going on with your network and possibly make changes. The program can also give you IP information, has a Process Mapper, and more. The program was easy-to-use and intuitive. So, if you'd like an all-around tool for monitoring and even diagnosing your network check out Network Configuration Management. Nicely done.

Microangelo Toolset, by Eclipsit, Inc.is powerful tool for doing everything with icons. I mean everything. The program is really comprised of four integrated parts -Librarian, Studio, Explorer, and Animator. How good is it? This is theonly program to ever win a Shareware Industry Award 3 years in a row! It also won the People's Choice Award for "Most Votes". Each section or module of Microangelo Toolset has specific functions and each does their job well!

In Microangelo Toolset the Librarian helps you to manage icon files no matter where they are. The Studio lets you create, or edit,your icon images. You can create images from scratch or edit and alte rexisting images. The Explorer helps you find icons on your system. And lastly, the Animator gives you the power to easily add animation to your icons. This is the most impressive program I've ever seen for working with icon graphics in Windows. This latest version has been optimized to create and edit icons for Windows Vista and the results are impressive.

Microangelo Toolset is truly the "Grand Daddy" of icon tools. It has won the Shareware Industry Awards a record six times. It has won the SIAF People's Choice Awards. It's a Dr.File Finder Favorite and I don't pick those lightly. It's demonstrated itself to be a favorite both software developers andusers like you! Intuitive, easy-to-install, easy-to-use,and absolutely loaded with features. This is one program you owe it to yourself to try. I give it my highest recommendation!

Registry Mechanic, by PC Tools Software isa really cool tool for maximizing the efficiency of the Windows Registry. Every single thing on your computer, from hardware to software, has multiple entries in the Registry. And when things get installed, added, or removed it tends to leave "junk" clogging up the Registry. That leads to decreased performance, system crashes, and more.Registry Mechanic not only cleans junk out of the Registry, but it can actually repair it. And, once the Registry is clean and repaired,the program can also optimize it so you get peak performance. And that's important.

Registry Mechanic works really quickly and scans the entire Windows Registry. What's it doing? It's looking for broken or missing links, missing shortcuts, and all the other junk that can be left behind when you remove things. It removes the junk, fixes the things it can,and then optimizes the Registry. By "compacting" the Registry the program makes the Registry smaller and more efficient. And that means your computer runs better. The program also has an option to backup the Registry, just in case. And, if you want you can even restore individual Registry entries. Slick.

Registry Mechanic can be set-up so that it works in the background each time you start computer. Have the program look for problems and fix them. The program even keeps a log of what the program has been up to. Remember, if you take good care of your computer it will serve you well. So, take good care of your Registry and give Registry Mechanic a try. It's fast, efficient, and one of the nicest programs of its kind that I've looked at. Try it for yourself -- I recommend it!

Advanced Task Scheduler, by Southsoftware, Inc.is a task scheduler you can use to get a lot more done. In testing it out I found the program to be very intuitive and easy-to-use. Perfect for both new and experienced users. The program gives you the power to schedule a wide variety of tasks that can run at all different intervals. You can open up documents, launch programs, restart your computer, and so much more. Compared to some similar products I've looked at Advanced Task Scheduler is much more flexible and offers more functions.

Advanced Task Scheduler will let you setup "event", for lack of a better word, that run yearly, monthly, daily, even every minute. You can have events triggered by hitting a "hot key", when your computer is sitting idle, and lots more. The program can also provide you with"reminders" that'll pop up so you don't miss that doctors appointment or meeting. Another slick feature is the ability to save everything to a log file. In this way you can see what took place and exactly when. In testing it out the program never missed an event that I'd set and was very accurate.

Advanced Task Scheduler is one of the best programs of its kind I've ever looked at. It provides you with a huge range of options and gives you the tools to schedule events based on yourcriteria. Leave your computer running and Advanced Task Scheduler will run every event you planned at the time you set. So, if you're looking for a full-feature task manager that can give you real control,this is the program you need to try. Take a look, I recommend it.

Dr. File Finder Quick Picks
Dr. File Finder Quick Pick
  • Offline Explorer Pro 4.4 by MetaProducts Corporation
  • Check ItOut!

Offline Explorer Pro 4.4 is a perfect tool for downloading Web pages for later use. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive. The program is extremely fast, and gives you a range of configurable options. So, if you've been looking for a way to download Web pages so you can look at them later, this may be just what you've been looking for. I'll have my full review as soon as possible, but don't wait on me. Check it out for yourself.

Dr. File Finder Quick Pick

Timesheet Xpress 8.0.0 is a time-tracking program that you can use to track individuals and groups. Enter in tasks and projects and then select them from a list. You can put in notes, generate reports,and see who is making the best use of their time. You can use it for billing and each person can bill at a different rate. So, if you're looking for a program to help you keep track of your time and/or your billing, this may be it. Take a look.

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