Must Have Application - Parallels Compressor Workstation

Parallels Compressor Workstation is a powerful program that compresses virtual machines created by software from Parallels, Microsoft, and VMware. Find out why it's a Must Have Application.
Published: Oct 23, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
Must Have Application

Parallels Compressor Workstation

by Michael E. Callahan aka Dr. File Finder

Part of the editorial series on "virtualization."

For the past 5 weeks we've been talking about virtualization, working with virtual machines, and reviewing software that's used in virtualization. Today is the last day in our series, and I'm going to talk about an exciting product, Parallels Compressor Workstation.

In creating a virtual machine you can allocate disk space in two ways.Say we're going to make a virtual hard drive that's 60 gigabytes. You can either allocate all 60 gigabytes at once or you can set the size and have the space allocated 2 gigabytes at a time.

When you create a virtual machine that gradually gets bigger you don't have to dedicate all the physical disk space at once. The virtual machine grows as you add things to it.

Parallels Compressor Workstation is an amazing tool that can actually compress any virtual machine that was designed to grow.The program works with virtual machines created by Parallels Workstation for Windows and Linux as well as with virtual machines created with VMware and Microsoft.

In testing out Parallels Compressor Workstation I used it on virtual machines that had been created with Parallels software and VMware. I found that I averaged a reduction of between 8 and 10%! If you can reduce a 60 gigabyte machines by 10% you've saved 6 gigabytes. Very impressive. I also noted a slight performance improvement on virtual machines that had been compressed.

Parallels Compressor Workstation can be used from inside theguest operating system or it can be used on thehost operating system. Either way I got the same great results,and in my opinion it's more convenient running it in the virtual machine.

Parallels Compressor Workstation is the only product I could find that could dramatically compress virtual machines. In addition, it can compress virtual machines made by software from Microsoft and VMware. It's fast and flexible, and easy-to-use. If you're into virtual machines Parallels Compressor Workstation is a Must Have Application. I'm also awarding it the Tucows "Editors Choice Award" for excellence.

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