Stacy's Weekly Mashup: Original Signal, Farecast, KeepVid, YouRipper, UberGizmo

Every week Stacy scours the World Wide Web looking for links to great Web 2.0 sites and services, freeware, geek news, cool blogs, videos, tips and more to share with you at the end of the work week. Hope you've got your clicking finger ready!
Published: Oct 26, 2006
Author: Stacy Reed

Welcome to the new and improved weekly mashup! Every week I scour the World Wide Web looking for geeky-hip-goodness to share with you at the end of the work week. Hope you've got your clicking finger ready!

Web 2.0 Sites:

  • Vidspedia - A collection of the best Google and YouTube videos, submitted and rated by users
  • Original Signal - Aggregates the 15 most popular Web 2.0 sites
  • Typetester - Compare screen type
  • Yotophoto - A search engine for finding free-to-use photographs and images
  • mTextbox - Take your reading wherever you go on your mobile phone
  • Farecast - Airfare predictions from over 75 cities
  • KeepVid - Download videos DIRECT from most video sites
  • NEooWS - An online RSS aggregator and reader
  • Qloud - A people powered music search engine
  • Podzinger - A powerful audio and video search engine and online advertising network

Freeware Feature of the Week: YouRipper - Download videos from the YouTube and Google Video websites

Wallpaper of the Week: Trick or Treat

The Week in Geek News:

Flickr Image of the Week: by kousik

Top Blog Picks:

Article of the Week: Spacecraft to make 3D Sun movies - Jonathan Amos, BBC News

Art Site of the Week: Official Bluesfear Worm - At 79.16 ft, could this be the longest page on the Internet?

Video of the Week: The Life and Death of a Pumpkin

Geek Tip: Did you know that you can quickly insert the current time into any cell that is selected in Excel? Just press CTRL+Shift+; (semicolon)

That's it for this week, folks! For a compiled list of links from past articles, visit the Weekly Mashup Archive. My thanks goes out to Rahul and Jody for recommending a few great sites this week! If you have any comments or suggestions for future mashups, just click Discuss this Article below.

About Stacy Reed

Stacy Reed is Tucows' resident software librarian and editor. She has been reviewing PC and mobile software as well as web services for over a decade. Helping developers improve and promote their products is only one of her areas of expertise. Stacy is also an advocate for Open Source, Creative Commons and freeware, taking special interest in educational resources, social media, cloud sharing, and mobile technology.

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