Stacy's Weekly Mashup: Dropload, Gizmo, Sphere, Multiply, EMCO Network Favorites

Yummy links to hip Web 2.0 sites, blogs, news, multimedia and more, guaranteed to satisfy the hunger of your inner-geek.
Published: Nov 16, 2006
Author: Stacy Reed
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Web 2.0 Sites:

  • pixer.us - Edit your photos online using only your browser
  • Multiply - Unlimited storage for your blog,photos, videos, music, and more
  • Confabb - Helps you get the most out of the conferences you attend
  • Dropload - Drop off your files and have them picked up by someone else later
  • Gizmo - An Internet phone that is as easy as an instant messenger
  • Dailymotion - Watch, publish and share videos online
  • Sphere - Discover high-quality, relevant, and timely blog posts that match what you're looking for
  • Photosynth - Takes a large collection of photos, analyzes them for similarities, and displays them in a reconstructed 3D space
  • 3B - Create personalized 3D spaces online
  • Klostu - A network of social networks

Freeware Feature of the Week: EMCO Network Favorites - Back up remote-machine favorites on your network, or copy a favorite link

Screensaver of the Week: Mandelbrott Fractal ScreenSaver

The Week in Geek News:

Flickr Image of the Week: by Mathias Thieme

Top Blog Picks:

Article of the Week: First Look: Sony's PS3 Versus Nintendo's Wii - Washington Post

Art Site of the Week: ConceptArt Wiki - Share information and resources about the vast amount of topics pertaining to the field of concept design and other related art fields

Video of the Week: Kiwi

Geek Tip: Have you ever wondered how you would replace your iTunes collection if your computer were stolen or your hard drive crashed? Well, hopefully you've been making routine backups of your data, but if for some reason you have a disaster, you can always email Apple and plead your case. They will replace your purchased tunes, but here's the catch... they'll only do it once per lifetime. Mighty cool of ya, Apple!

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Stacy Reed is Tucows' resident software librarian and editor. She has been reviewing PC and mobile software as well as web services for over a decade. Helping developers improve and promote their products is only one of her areas of expertise. Stacy is also an advocate for Open Source, Creative Commons and freeware, taking special interest in educational resources, social media, cloud sharing, and mobile technology.

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