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Documents To Go is a powerful program for your handheld device and it's also one of Doc's "Favorites". Read all about it.
Published: Feb 18, 2007
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Favorites LogoA Dr. File Finder Favorite -- Documents To Go

Documents To Go is a powerful program that's available for Palmand Symbian operating systems. This is a program I've used for years andit just keeps getting better and better. The program lets you takeOffice documents with you on your handheld device or smartphone.

You can use it with Word, Powerpoint, and Excel documents. This isnot just a viewer. You can actually edit and even create newdocuments right on your mobile device with Documents To Go.On top of handling Office documents it can also deal with text files, PDF documents, and some graphics files. This latest version of DocumentsTo Go has some exciting new features that make it even better to use.

For example, one new feature is called InTact Technology and itmakes sure that documents you edit on your handheld device maintain allof their original formatting. You'll find that Documents To Gohas several versions to pick from. You can go all the way from the"Standard Edition" to the "Total Office" version that has all thefeatures.

Documents To Go is a high-powered product that I wouldn't bewithout. When working with documents on my handheld device I find that Itend to use Documents To Go more than I do something like PocketWord. May sound strange, but it's true. With this latest version you canedit footnotes, do bullets, use True Type fonts, utilize hyperlinks, andso much more.

Documents To Go makes it easy to take your Office-based documentswith you and use them. Create, edit, view, and more. I like it sowell that it's not only one of my software Picks, but I'm also making itone of my Dr. File Finder Favorites andin 25 years of evaluating software there aren't very many of those. So,check it out for yourself. I give it my highest recommendation.

  • Documents To Go
  • Version: 9
  • System Requirements: Palm OS 4.x or 5.x device
  • Visit DataViz Site
  • Download Documents To Go NOW!

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