Podcast: Solving Problems With Software - PageGate

Sharon Housely of NotePage talks with Greg Weir of Tucows about her company's wireless messaging server application, PageGate. PageGate can have a variety of applications.
Published: Nov 28, 2006
Author: Tucows Editorial Staff
Related OS: Windows
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PageGate 5.0.93
Download PageGate allows for network paging or network wide SMS messaging through a combination of...
Solving Problems With Software

PageGate by NotePage, Inc.

Sharon Housley of NotePage and Greg Weir of Tucows

Sharon Housley talks with Greg Weir about her product, PageGate.PageGate can solve a variety of problems and is extremelyflexible.

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  • System Requirements: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
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